Bitvavo announces partnership with KNVB

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Bitvavo announces partnership with KNVB

Bitvavo, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the Netherlands, has started an official collaboration with the Dutch Football Association, the KNVB. Great news for crypto in the Netherlands, as it will gain more attention by this collaboration.

The partnership between Bitvavo and KNVB

The CEO and founder of Bitvavo, Mark Nuvelstijn is very happy with the collaboration. In an official press release he states: 

“The market of digital currencies is experiencing tremendous growth. More and more people are choosing to invest in digital units and they are making it a part of their diverse investment portfolio.” 

Here he adds, “Through this collaboration, we want to familiarize a larger group of the Dutch people with cryptocurrency and offer them a safe way to trade in the digital currency. We want to show the KNVB and the millions of Dutch soccer fans what the possibilities are in this new digital economy.”

“This partnership expands our reach as market leader in the Netherlands and it fits with our ambition to become the largest crypto platform in Europe. We are proud of this partnership with the KNVB and look forward to being part of the success and innovative character of Dutch soccer in the digital world.” concludes the CEO, Mark Nuvelstijn. 

Bitvavo is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the Netherlands and allows you to trade with more than 150 cryptocurrencies. 

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