Binance burns $660.000.000,-

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Binance burns $660.000.000,-

Like they do every quarter, Binance has recently burned $660.000.000,- in Binance Coin (BNB). To be exact, this totals to 1,6 million coins. This is the 18th time Binance executes such a burn for their very own BNB.

The BNB-burn

To be precise, Binance has burned 1.684.387,11 BNB. Never before has so much (in dollar value) been burned at once by Binance. 

Since BNB’s launch, it has been Binance’s goal to halve BNB’s total supply, from 200 million, to 100 million. They are planning on doing so by burning, and are well on their way. 

During Q4 of 2021, Binance also burned a lot of BNB. 1.300.000 BNB to be exact. At that time, this was worth about $560.000.000.

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