Become rich while running

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Become rich while running

Within crypto, there are lots of different ways you can make money. You can of course trade, you can buy and hold, but you can also use decentralized finance to make money, for example.

However, recently more and more notable trends are popping up. First you had play-to-earn, where users can play games to make money from them. Now there is also move-to-earn, where users have to move to make money. The best known example is STEPN, but how exactly does it work?

STEPN – running to earn money

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app, as shown on their website. The idea is very simple: you download the app, buy an NFT sneaker and start walking or running. For every meter you then walk with your shoe, you receive a certain amount of Green Satoshi Token (GST). There is a limit to the amount you can walk with your sneakers per day, and therefore also to how much you can earn per day. 

It sounds very interesting of course, earning money by walking! However, getting started is not free. You can buy a sneaker with Solana, on the marketplace in the app. The cheapest sneakers currently on the marketplace are about 10 SOL. This 10 Solana is roughly equivalent to $1150. With the current prices, of both the NFTs and the price of Green Satoshi Token, you can recoup this approximately in a month. However, these prices are not fixed and therefore, looking at your investment, it can also go completely wrong. 

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