ARB Airdrop: Where to buy and sell?

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ARB Airdrop: Where to buy and sell?

Arbitrum, one of the booming Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, has recently confirmed its highly anticipated ARB airdrop. Crypto enthusiasts are now wondering if this airdrop is worth their attention. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the airdrop and provide insights on the potential market value of ARB.

Where to buy and sell Arbitrum – ARB?

You can buy and sell the Arbitrum token (ARB) on the centralized exchange Bybit from 13:00 on March 23rd. The trading pairs available include Spot*: ARB/USDT, ARB/USDC, and Derivatives: ARBUSDT. The opening time for ARB deposits is yet to be confirmed, but withdrawals will be available starting from March 24, 2023. Bybit is offering a special promotion where each deposit of 250 ARB makes traders eligible to earn 25 USDT.

Beware of scammers on Decentralized Exchanges

Beware of fake $ARB pools that have emerged. Scammers have added 400 ETH and 95 million fake $ARB in liquidity on Uniswap, in an attempt to trap unsuspecting individuals and steal their money. The scammers will most likely perform a “rug” or “exit scam.” They have gone to great lengths to make this scam appear legitimate, even copying the source code multiple times, but do not be fooled.

Before interacting with any pool or token, double-check the contract address to ensure that it is the correct one. The official contract address for $ARB is 0x912CE59144191C1204E64559FE8253a0e49E6548. For more information on DAO contract deployments, please refer to the relevant sources. 

What is the ARB airdrop and how can I check my eligibility?

Arbitrum’s ARB airdrop is a token distribution program designed to incentivize participation in the Arbitrum ecosystem. The tokens were allocated based on several factors, including bridging, transactions over time, transaction frequency and interaction, liquidity providing, and activity on Nova with tiers. You can check your eligibility for the ARB airdrop at and can start claiming on 23rd March 2023.

How many ARB tokens can I expect to receive and what is their potential value?

The number of ARB tokens you’ll receive depends on your level of participation in the ecosystem. For example, the maximum reported a wallet eligible for 10k ARB and an average of 2.5k ARB per wallet. This will of course depend on your activity level.

How much will the ARB token be worth? 

The estimated ARB Fully Diluted Value (FDV) is between $10b-$20b, with the airdrop accounting for 11.5% of the total token supply. This means that if the FDV is accurate, each ARB token could be worth between $1-$2. However, it’s important to note that the actual market value of ARB may be influenced by factors such as the level of activity and adoption of the ecosystem, as well as the broader market conditions.

ARB - Airdrop

Future of Arbitrum

As of writing, Arbitrum has a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.6b and is experiencing significant adoption and growth. The ARB airdrop is an exciting opportunity for those who have been participating in the Arbitrum ecosystem. With the growth of Arbitrum, the token price will be one of the next speculative options.


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