Afghanistan is helped with crypto donations

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Afghanistan is helped with crypto donations

Of course, we all know what terrible things are happening right now in Afghanistan, on the other side of the world. Although it is so far away, it is important that we all do our part to help the people there.

From now on, this can also be done through crypto. In fact, there are several organizations that indicate they accept crypto donations to contribute to the aid in Afghanistan.

Crypto aid in Afghanistan

Right now, a lot of help is needed in Afghanistan, for example for care in the country itself, but also to make it possible for people to evacuate. There are already many crypto fanatics who are helping with this by sending crypto coins to organizations providing aid in Afghanistan, which was recently taken over by the Taliban.

There are now thousands, or perhaps millions, of Afghans being accepted as refugees in various countries, as the situation in the country itself is currently very unstable and dangerous. To pay for all of this, a lot of money is needed, and that is why several non-profit organizations have indicated that they will accept crypto payments from now on.

Hearts & Homes for Refugees

The organization ‘Hearts & Homes for Refugees‘, out of New York, is currently looking for donations to accommodate more than 20,000 Afghans, who have now arrived in the United States. The organization is accepting, in this search for budget, various crypto currencies, namely: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), ZCash (ZEC), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), BAL, Yearn.Finance (YFI), Polygon (MATIC), Synthetix (SNX) and Bancor (BNT). They are doing this in collaboration with The Giving Block.

The Giving Block is an organization that makes it possible for charities, such as Heart & Homes for Refugees, to accept donations in the form of crypto.

All of this is, of course, a great step in the world of crypto, as it helps to increase its acceptance. However, at the moment, of course, it is more important that the people of Afghanistan are all safe. Let’s hope so!


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