3.1 million email addresses leaked in hack CoinMarketCap

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3.1 million email addresses leaked in hack CoinMarketCap

3.1 million email addresses were leaked in a hack that recently took place on the platform CoinMarketCap, a platform that can be used to keep track of prices and other statistics of various cryptocurrencies. The email addresses are currently being traded on various online hacking platforms, Have I Been Pwned reports.

The CoinMarketCap hack

To be precise, the accounts of as many as 3,117,548 users have been hacked and with that, 3,117,548 email addresses of crypto traders are on the street.

This became known after Have I Been Pwned discovered that the email addresses were being traded on various online hacking forums.

CoinMarketCap, which is a side product of Binance, has since revealed that the list of email addresses is a match to that of their user database. “CoinMarketCap has become aware that batches of data have shown up online purporting to be a list of user accounts. While the data lists we have seen are only email addresses, we have found a correlation with our subscriber base.” is the statement CoinMarketCap itself put out.

Although CoinMarketCap admits to being hacked, they also state that the corresponding passwords have not been hacked. So there is no reason to worry about your CoinMarketCap account.

It is not yet known where the hack came from, a representative of CoinMarketCap additionally announces. “As no passwords are included in the data we have seen, we believe that it is most likely sourced from another platform where users may have reused passwords across multiple sites.” is what he indicates in this regard.

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