Knaken Launches USDT Vault with 15% APR

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Knaken Launches USDT Vault with 15% APR

Knaken, a cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a USDT Vault service that allows investors to earn up to 15% annual returns on their USDT holdings. This service provides access to investment opportunities that are normally only available to investors with more than €100,000 in capital.

What is the USDT Vault by Knaken?

The USDT Vault by Knaken is a service that allows users to earn interest on their USDT holdings by lending them to central exchanges. The longer the USDT is held in the vault and the more USDT that is deposited, the higher the returns will be. The USDT Vault also provides access to managed investment strategies and investment opportunities that are typically available only to high-net-worth individuals.

How does the USDT Vault work?

To use the USDT Vault, users need to deposit their USDT holdings into the vault through the Knaken app. The USDT is then lent out to central exchanges, and in return, investors receive interest on their holdings. The USDT Vault offers a simple way for investors to earn passive income on their USDT holdings.

What are the benefits of using the USDT Vault by Knaken?

The USDT Vault by Knaken provides investors with access to investment opportunities that are normally only available to high-net-worth individuals. It offers a simple and convenient way to earn interest on USDT holdings, with returns of up to 15% annually. Knaken has also partnered with Delta Quant Capital B.V., a reputable asset manager, to provide investors with 24/7 guidance and optimal results for their investments.

What are the potential risks of investing in the USDT Vault?

Investing in the USDT Vault carries potential risks, including Tether, Delta Quant, and exchange third-party risks, as well as market risks. Investors should carefully evaluate these risks before deciding to invest in the USDT Vault.



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