Huobi or FTX 2.0? HTX Rebranding Follows Failed Exchange

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Huobi or FTX 2.0? HTX Rebranding Follows Failed Exchange

Huobi’s renaming to HTX has prompted understandable speculation given its near identical naming and proximity to FTX’s downfall. In this post, we’ll explore the context behind this curious case, from potential motivations to worries of duplicity.

Is HTX taking FTX’s place?

The name change from Huobi to HTX bears an uncanny resemblance to failed crypto exchange FTX. While Huobi says the “H” stands for Huobi and “X” represents the exchange, the naming is suspiciously similar only months after FTX’s collapse.

Why did Huobi rebrand?

Huobi rebranded to HTX in celebration of its tenth anniversary. However, the timing of the rebrand so shortly after FTX’s bankruptcy calls into question whether Huobi aims to replace FTX’s role in the market with a near identical name.

What is happening with FTX?

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried awaits trial after FTX collapsed. The exchange’s bankruptcy estate is considering executing a transaction to relaunch FTX. Crypto exchange Bullish and Tribe Capital are among the bidders so far to potentially revive FTX under new ownership.

Is there any relation to other similar names?

The name HTX is similar to a suggested name of GTX for a crypto claims trading platform that was pushed after FTX’s failure. While Huobi says the letters stand for Huobi and the exchange, the coincidence of another near FTX acronym proposed at the same time raises eyebrows about Huobi’s purported reasoning for the rebrand.

In summary, while Huobi explains the name change as celebrating its anniversary, the extreme similarity to FTX just months after its bankruptcy leaves reasonable questions about whether Huobi aims to replace FTX in the market under a confusingly comparable new brand.


While anniversary homages are plausible, dismissing suspicions outright would be naive. By addressing concerns openly and focusing on distinguishing itself through transparency and service, HTX can move this conversation forward in a constructive manner. The future of customer trust in this sector may well depend on such conscientious navigation of murky waters.

While the name change leaves open questions, the future of HTX depends on how they address user concerns and differentiate their business. If you want to learn more about their rebranded services firsthand, you can sign up for a new HTX account today on their website.


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