E-mail confirmation

In this article we will talk about securing your exchange accounts with email confirmation, where the following topics will be discussed: What is email confirmation, how does email confirmation work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of email confirmation.

What is an Email Confirmation?

Email Confirmation is an option that you often have at cryptocurrency exchanges. By means of email confirmation you can build in an extra security step in your account when logging in. By setting up email confirmation you make it a lot more difficult for intruders to get into your account. They not only need your username and password, but also access to your specified email address. At this e-mail address you will receive an e-mail containing a verification or simply a link that you have to click on to authorize your login attempt.

How does email confirmation work?

With most exchanges you only have the option to secure your account with 2fa security or verification by SMS. However, there are also exchanges that offer the email confirmation option. Once you have set up email confirmation, you will always have to enter a verification code or click a link in addition to your username and password to log in. These will both be sent to the email address you have chosen. The moment you correctly enter this verification code or click on the link that was sent, you will gain access to your account.

An example of an exchange where you can log in with email confirmation is Coinbase.

Advantages and disadvantages of email Confirmation

Properly securing your wallets and exchange accounts is very important to prevent strangers from running off with your cryptocurrencies. Listed below are the advantages of securing your account with email confirmation:

  • More difficult for hackers to penetrate
  • Logging in provides more awareness
  • People must have access to your email to get into your account

The only drawback of extra security account is that it takes a little more time to login. However, that’s a small price to pay for extra security for your belongings.


Setting security measures to gain access to your exchange accounts is highly recommended. If you do not do this, you run an increased risk of becoming the victim of a hack.

So be aware of the risk that you run if you do not implement additional security verification such as 2fa, SMS verification or email confirmation for your account.

Now that you know how email confirmation works, it’s time to choose an exchange you can use.

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