Comparison: Coinmerce Vs BitcoinMeester

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Comparison: Coinmerce Vs BitcoinMeester

Choosing the right exchange can have a big impact on your total return. The two exchanges we’ll look at today are the Dutch exchanges Coinmerce and Bitladon

We’ll compare the two exchanges on a lot of different levels. For example, we’ll look at the different services you have at the exchanges, the fees you pay and the possible sign-up bonuses the exchanges may have.


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Spot, Earn & Bot Trading, StakingSpot, Trading, Staking
Staking options

0,4 ~ 2,5%

Sign-up bonus of €10 in Bitcoin – BTC
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Services of Coinmerce Vs Bitladon

When you consider choosing an appropriate exchange, it is very important to look at the services these exchanges offer. So let’s do this for both Coinmerce and Bitladon.

At Coinmerce, you have alot of different services. You can trade on spot markets, which is buying and selling cryptocurrency directly. In addition, Coinmerce also offers Bot Trading, where you let a trading algorithm do the work. 

Another service that Coinmerce offers is cryptocurrency staking. With staking, users can lock in their crypto to receive an additional return. Besides staking users can earn an additional return with Coinmerce Earn. 

Bitladon unfortunately offers fewer different services than Coinmerce. Through Bitladon, only spot trading and staking are available for you. 

Staking options Coinmerce Vs Bitladon

Thus, through both exchanges you get the opportunity to stake your cryptocurrency. This means that you can earn a return on top of your crypto holdings. On Coinmerce, when you put staking and Earn together, you have 40 different staking options. At Bitladon you have 26.

At Coinmerce, both Bitcoin – BTC and Ethereum – ETH are available for staking. On Bitcoin, you receive a return of 0.80% and on Ethereum a return of 2.02%. At Bitladon, you get for Ethereum a return of 2% and for Bitcoin 1,50%. Which makes Bitladon the better offer if you want to stake/lend the majors…

Stablecoin staking Coinmerce Vs Bitladon

Receiving a return on stablecoins may be favourable for some and can be more like a savings account. 

Stablecoin staking can be done on both Dutch exchanges through their staking programs. The returns you receive are listed below and around 5 ~ 6%.

Trading fees Coinmerce Vs Bitladon

At Coinmerce, you pay trading fees of around 0.4% to 2.5%. The fee, according to Coinmerce’s own website, increases as you trade in a coin with a lower trading volume. 

At Bitladon, the fees work differently. In fact, the fees start from 2%. The larger the amount you trade, the lower the fees. At its lowest, these trading costs can drop to 0.25%. 

Bonuses on Coinmerce Vs Bitladon

Some exchanges choose to offer a sign-up bonus. Just like Coinmerce, who rewards new users who get referred with a sign-up bonus of €10 in Bitcoin – BTC.

Bitladon however, does not offer any bonuses to new users. 🙁

Payment methods Coinmerce Vs Bitladon

Depositing money via Coinmerce and Bitladon can be done in several ways. Let’s take a look at the different payment methods per exchange. 

At Coinmerce, you can use seven different payment methods, namely; SEPA, iDEAL, Giropay, Bancontact, Sofort, EPS, MyBank.

At Bitladon, you can only use two, iDEAL and Bancontact. So if you want to have more payment options, Coinmerce is more suited. 

Which one of Coinmerce Vs Bitladon is the best?​

Firstly, we cannot make this choice you. This will entirely depend on your preferences. Do you think it is important that the costs are low? Or is it important for you to have more staking options or services?

When we have to choose, our personal preference goes to Coinmerce. Smply because Coinmerce offers a lot more options than Bitladon. In addition, if we look a the fees, they could be comparable an not favourable for an investor.


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