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OKEx is a global exchange mostly focused the Asian market and experienced traders. OKEx is unique in that their average userbase is characterized by more advanced traders. OKEx tries to tailor their offerings specifically to these more advanced traders and trading entities.

How does OKEx work?

Do you want to get started with OKEx? Make sure to make an account and stay tuned for our Okex manual.

OKEx login

Like every other centralized exchange, you must first create an OKEx account if you do not already have one. You can do this by registering on the homepage and continue to create an account.

OKEx fees

In terms of trading fees, OKEx is competitive with the top of the market. At OKEx 0.08% on taker orders and only 0.10% on maker orders. If you stake certain amounts of BKO, the trading fees will increase drastically.

OKEx futures

Okex also has a derivative platform where you can trade futures. If you go to the OKEx homepage and navigate to the trade section in the top menu, you see the available markets. Then, click on basic under the futures option to open the futures section. The basic version offers a fairly good starting point for beginners. If you are an experienced trader, you can choose the advanced setting for a more comprehensive dashboard.

OKEx exchange

OKEx app

The OKEx App is avaliable for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices. Native designs and regular updates give you the best trading experience.

OKEx iDeal

OKEx review

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