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Litebased was founded in 2013 and is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Litebit is part of 2525 Ventures B.V. Litebit is one of the largest crypto brokers in Europe and employs over 50 people. Litebit has over 1.5 million visitors per month and offers over 40 different cryptocurrencies at the time of writing.

How does Litebit work?

In our Litebit manual we clearly explain how use Litebit and especially how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It also tells you how to deposit money to buy cryptocurrency and also how to sell it and have the money deposited back into your bank account.


Litebit login

Logging in to Litebit works very easily. There are two ways to log in. You can log in through your internet browser in Litebit’s webpage, or you can log in to Litebit’s app with your phone or tablet.

Litebit fees

Litebit is very open and clear about their fees and prices. When you want to place an order, you will see a clear overview of all the costs and fees involved in this purchase.


Litebit futures

Litebit exchange

Litebit is not an exchange but a broker. On it you can easily buy, sell, send and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. They have recently acquired Nocks and hope to have the knowledge to open the Litebit exchange.


Litebit app

The Litebit app is available for download in the App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android). The Litebit app works very easily and you can keep an eye on current cryptocurrency prices. Buy/sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, deposit, withdraw and manage your portfolio.


Litebit iDeal

Litebit review

In YourCryptoLibrary’s Litebit review you will find all the information you need about this broker, costs, fees, limits, verifications and how exactly the platform works. And whether they are safe and reliable.


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