ByBit Fees

We look at the fee structures of the cryptocurrency exchange ByBit. With their various trading products, users could use an overview of what should be payed when using their exchange. 

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What are the fees on ByBit Exchange? 

When you’re asking yourself how much you have to pay on the ByBit Exchange, you have to consider the type of trading product you are using. There are many different trading products who each have their own fee structure. We’ll take a look at the fees of each individual trading product on the ByBit platform. For an overview scroll down to see the comparison.

What are fees on spot markets?

When we look at the trading costs on ByBit spot markets. Where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency without the risk of liquidation. We conclude that the fees for both ‘Makers’ as ‘Takers’ comes down to 0,1% on the total amount traded.

What are the fees on futures?

For fees of the USDT & Inverse contracts futures, we see that ‘Takers’ pay 0,06% and ‘Makers’ 0,01% on the notional value of their trade. If we take a look at the USDC Perpetual trading products, ‘Takers’ pay 0,75% and ‘Makers’ pay also 0,01%. These fees will lower when users are a ByBit VIP member. The liquidation fee rate will be 0,2%.

What are the fees on options?

The fees on cryptocurrency options on ByBit are around 0,03% for both ‘Makers’ as ‘Takers’. Trading fees will be charged in USDC when opening or closing a position. 

ByBit Fee structure

What are the cryptocurrency deposit fees on ByBit? 

ByBit does not charge any deposit fees, making it convenient to make a deposit on the cryptocurrency exchange.

What are the fiat deposit fees on ByBit? 

ByBit charges on fiat deposits the following fee rates. If you are within the EU fees come down to 1.10% for both VISA and Mastercard. If you’re a non-EU resident, fees are much higher. We see that a deposit from VISA comes with a 3,05% fee and with Mastercard a 2,70% for a non-EU user.

Bybit Fiat Deposit Fees

What are the withdrawal fees on ByBit? 

The withdrawal fee varies depending on the cryptocurrency being withdrawn. The table below displays withdrawal fees for a few of the large caps in the market.

ByBit Withdrawal fees

What is the withdrawal time on ByBit?

Bybit allows for immediate withdrawals, but the processing time is entirely dependent on the blockchain network and its traffic.

Some withdrawal requests are processed by Bybit three times a day, at 0800, 1600, and 2400 UTC.

What is ByBit VIP Program?​

ByBit has introduced a VIP program that allows traders to trade without losing too much on trading fees. Your trading fee decreases as you scale up on the tiers of the VIP program. Where ‘Taker’ fees for derivatives and spot trading goes as low as 0.03% and 0.02%, respectively and ‘Maker’ fees go as low as 0% for both futures and spot markets. 

ByBit VIP Requirements

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