BUX Review

This review of cryptocurrency broker BUX Crypto was created for informational purposes. Going through this review will help you decide if BUX is a broker that fits your needs. BUX has several sections: BUX X, BUX ZERO and BUX Crypto.

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What is BUX Crypto?

BUX Crypto is a broker based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrency. BUX has several sections: BUX X, BUX ZERO and BUX Crypto.  

BUX currently counts over 2 million users in Europe and is constantly expanding its services. In the website (and later) app of BUX Crypto, you can buy and sell crypto currencies using the user-friendly interface.

What is the history of BUX Crypto?

Early this year, news came out that BUX acquired crypto company Blockport. Blockport went bankrupt in 2019 and the company had raised over 15,000 ETH during their ICO. They did not convert these funds into Euros which caused the financials to go down quickly as the Ethereum price dropped.

The new platform of BUX Crypto was launched last March. And is rapidly expanding to 23 European countries.

What is the BUX Token? 

The acquired broker Blockport issues Blockport tokens, BPT. These have all been converted to the now used BUX Token. The idea is that when you hold this token you can trade at BUX Crypto without being charged any trading fees.

  • Total supply: 69.434.800
  • Circulating Supply: 57.375.331
  • Price: $0.027235
  • Market cap: $1,562,595

What are the BUX Crypto fees?

BUX Crypto’s trading fees are comparable to those of major competitors. Users pay a 0.5% commission/trading fee on their transactions. Fees for withdrawals/deposits however are expensive, BUX Crypto charges € 2,- per deposit/withdrawal.

What is BUX crypto wallet?

A big advantage of BUX Crypto is that you can also use your account as a wallet. If you don’t have a hardware wallet yourself then you can leave your purchased cryptocurrencies at BUX Crypto.

In your account you can see exactly which cryptocurrency you have, and their value. In addition, you can also sell the crypto you have purchased directly from BUX Crypto.

What is the Bux Crypto website and mobile app?

The BUX Crypto app is not yet available for iOS and Android but this will happen soon. For now it is only accessible via the web browser.

Currently it is possible to buy and sell 6 different cryptocurrencies with credit card, iDeal or bank transfer. The offer currently consists of: Bitcoin , Ethereum , XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and BUX token.

You can also deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum or BUX tokens and trade with them.  

What are the pros and cons of BUX Crypto?

Like any other exchange, BUX Crypto has advantages and disadvantages. See the table below for their strengths and weaknesses:


  • Very fast processing of transactions

  • Good and easy interface, buying/selling of cryptocurrencies is very easy

  • Quick deposit through iDEAL or through the bank

  • Easy broker for beginners

  • Reliable and secure

  • Own wallet


  • Small liquidity for trading pairs (this will be increased as soon as possible)

  • Withdrawal fee in euro’s, €2,- at a time

  • Trading costs 0.5% (with Holden BUX Token this will be free)


BUX Crypto makes it easy for the novice investor to convert euros into cryptocurrency or vice versa. The platform is self-explanatory and making purchases is very easy and fast. There is also a more than excellent support section with an extensive FAQ, available manuals and live support that is ready for you 7 days a week.

We recommend BUX Crypto to beginning (and more experienced) cryptocurrency investors.

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