Bitvavo User Experience

Bitvavo has built a reliable and secure trading platform that has grown rapidly in recent years, growing from a small player to a worthy cryptocurrency broker and exchange. 

But how is the user experience of Bitvavo and is this suitable for you? We’ll take a look!

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Bitvavo is improving and maintainig their high-level of security. Think about all the measurements they took, such as; 2-FA login security, whitelisting of new devices, anti-phishing codes and so on…

Bitvavo does everything in its power to offer the most secure and professional platform possible. 

But this does not mean you, as a user, don’t have to do your due diligence. 

Stories of people getting hacked and losing cryptocurrencies circulate on the internet, all because they did not protected their account properly. 


Bitvavo is friendly to use and there’s no getting around how easily and almost instantly you can buy cryptocurrency. 

Due to the iDEAL payment method and the use of the Bitvavo App you are able to buy and sell instantly. Something much appreciated in  volatile times, which cryptocurrency is known for. 

Dutch Native

For native Dutch speakers, Bitvavo is perfectly suited. The whole platform and mobile application is completely in Dutch. 

If you are a Dutchman or a Belgian you are able to speak your own language when having a question or needing support. 

But this does not mean Bitvavo is exclusively Dutch. If you prefer any other language you have the ability to choose between; English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Are there no downsides with Bitvavo?

So are there no downsides at all? 

Well, given the European target market, they are still quite unknown internationally, resulting in lower trading volume. 

Also trading is only made available in Euro – EUR, so other currencies are not supported. Making Bitvavo exclusive for European customers. 

In times of massive sell-offs, Bitvavo can endure downtimes. Where fiat on/off ramp trades are not being registered and completed. This will not result in a loss of funds but the impossibility to enter the markets when prices are very attractive.

At last, if you are a low-cap speculator, Bitvavo is not the place for you. As they offer few low market cap altcoins. This could change in the future, as Bitvavo will grow more.

What do people say about Bitvavo?

If we take a look at Bitvavo’s page on Trustpilot, a consumer review page, we see a lot more positive user-experiences than negative ones. On average Bitvavo gets 4.2 out of 5 stars. 

Clearness, user-friendliness and professional customer service are among the top rated features for Bitvavo. We can conclude that the people approve the Dutch exchange.

Our Experience​

We have fine experiences using Bitvavo. Their website works fast and the interface is pretty good.

In our opinion is Bitvavo one of the best exchanges to buy your first cryptocurrency and where you can dip your toes into trading or investing cryptocurrencies.

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