Bitvavo Fees

We look at the fee structure of the Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Bitvavo. Users who want to trade on this exchange can use this page to get a quick overview of all costs and fees.

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What are the fees on Bitvavo Exchange? 

The fees you pay can impact your returns when trading cryptocurrencies. On Bitvavo the fee structure is pretty straightforward because the exchange only offers a spoty market against the Euro. We take a look at fees for trading against the euro, depositing and withdrawing fiat and crypto.

What are fees on spot markets?

When we take a look at the trading costs on Bitvavo spot markets. The fee for each transaction will depend on your total trading volume on Bitvavo. This means, the more volume you trade the lower the transaction fee will be.

We see a distinction between two fee types depending on different orders; (1) Taker fee and (2) Maker fee.

Taker fees

These fees apply to orders executed on available orders in the order book, the so-called ‘market orders‘. The standard taker fee will be 0.25%.

Maker fees

These fees apply to orders which are not executed immediately, when you set a limit order for example. You add liquidity to the order book, making you a ‘maker’. The standard maker fee will be 0.15%.

Bitvavo Fee Structure

What are the cryptocurrency deposit fees on Bitvavo? 

Bitvavo does not charge any deposit fees, making it convenient to make a deposit on the Dutch cryptocurrency exchange.

What are the fiat - deposit fees on Bitvavo?

SEPA transfers/Bancontact are the most popular as they require no additional fees. Other payment methods used on Bitvavo require you to pay a fee. Depositing fiat currency into your account can be done with 8 different payment methods. 

Bitvavo charges on fiat deposits the following fee rates. If you are paying with MyBank you pay 1,50% and with EPS Übersweisung or Giropay you pay a relative fee of 1,75%. If you choose to pay with Sofort a fee of 2,25% is applied.

Note that there are also maximum amounts for each transaction depending on the chosen payment method.

Bitvavo Payment methods

What are crypto withdrawal fees on Bitvavo?

Withdrawing cryptocurrency will require you to pay a fee in the form of blockchain network transaction fee. Also known as gas fees for ERC-20 tokens.

The cost of each network fee can vary due the blockchain congestion at that given moment. 

If you want to withdraw at low costs we recommend you to use cryptocurrency with low fees (I.e. DogeCoin, Ripple,…). For ERC-20 tokens please be sure to check the current gasfees.

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