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Want to buy Bitcoin quickly, easily, cheaply from a reliable broker? Yes… Well this can be done at Bitvavo. You simply create an account on the most popular Dutch exchange. After your registration, you need to verify yourself. More information about creating an account at Bitvavo can be found in our Bitvavo manual.

Are you eager to learn more about Bitcoin on Bitvavo? Come and read along…

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How do I buy Bitcoin on Bitvavo?

Log into your Bitvavo account and follow these steps; 

  1. Scroll down on your dashboard, to the screen where you see the value of your portfolio displayed. Here you will see all the different cryptocurrencies you can buy.


  2. Select the cryptocurrency of your choice, Bitcoin – BTC in this case. Click on the arrow on the right.


2. Proceed to enter the amount of € you want to buy Bitcoin.

3. Click on ‘Buy’. Please be patient as Bitvavo completes your transaction. This could take some time. To see how long scroll down to learn about confirmations.

How do I sell Bitcoin on Bitvavo?

After buying Bitcoin, you can choose to dump or sell it. If you have BTC in your wallet that you want to sell, follow the next steps to know how.

  1. Scroll down your ‘Dashboard’ to see all listed cryptocurrencies.

  2. Select the cryptocurrency of your choice, Bitcoin – BTC in this case.

3. Enter the exact amount of Bitcoin you want to sell.

4. Click on ‘Sell’ et voila. Your transaction will be approved and you will get payed out. This could take some time. To see how long scroll down to learn about confirmations.

How do I withdraw Bitcoin from Bitvavo?

If you want to transfer or withdraw Bitcoin from your Bitvavo account, the thing you have to do is verify the wallet address you want to send your crypto to. This wallet address, that can be your own online, offline or exchange wallet, has to be known by the regulators. Meaning all users users must ‘doxx’ their recepient addresses.

After verifying your address(es), you can follow these steps to withdraw or transfer Bitcoin – BTC to any other wallet address.

  1. Scroll down in Binance to come across the list of crypto exchanges. Here you choose the cryptocurrency you want to transfer to Bitvavo. So in this case, for the desired coin, choose withdraw.

  2. Navigate in Bitvavo to the desired wallet, Bitcoin – BTC

3. A window will appear where you can select the recipient address. These addresses must be set in advance by verifying them.

4. Select the amount and confirm. After this you let the blockchain do all the work and sit back.

What is my Bitcoin address on Bitvavo?

You receive your own cryptocurrency wallet when creating an account on Bitvavo. Just like you would with your own bank account. To find your address, go to ‘Deposit’ and your your own Bitcoin address will be displayed.

How much time does it take to send Bitcoin on Bitvavo?

It takes an average of ten minutes for the network to produce a new block, but it can also take hours or a full day. The higher the amount, the more certainty you want and therefore the more confirmations are needed. Sometimes one transaction requires multiple confirmations, for more information visit our Bitvavo wallet page

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