Bitladon Review

This review of cryptocurrency broker Bitladon was created for informational purposes. Going through this review will help you decide if Bitladon is a platform that fits your needs.

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What is the history of Bitladon?

Bitladon was founded in mid-2017 by Boyd Meuleman and Mitchell Zandwijken. In less than three years the broker made a household name among Dutch traders.

Bitladon wanted to focus their efforts on pushing their product into Europe. With 200+ cryptocurrencies, extensive trade and payment methods and the easy accessibility, it looks like they’re slowly succeeding.

Mitchell Zandwijken-Boyd Meuleman-BitcoinMeester
Mitchell Zandwijken en Boyd Meuleman

Where is Bitladon located?

Bitladon or Bitcoin Meester is a company of the Coin Meester B.V. which is located in the Thailandlaan 6 in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. The company has registered itself with the Dutch Central Bank and may facilitate crypto transactions as long as they comply with Dutch regulators. 

Bitladon Street View
Bitladon Street View

What cryptocurrencies are available on Bitladon?

Currently there are 200+ different cryptocurrencies offered on Bitladon, including the most popular and largest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on… Customers can also make requests for new coins. These coins will appear on the wishlist, a list with possible future listings. 

All coins on Bitladon can be bought, sold and traded. Cryptocurrency staking is also a possibility. 

What is the any to any exchange feature?

What makes Bitladon more than a broker is the ‘any to any’ exchange feature. It is no longer necessary to exchange altcoins to Bitcoin before moving over to other cryptocurrencies. 

From now on you can immediately select the coin you want to exchange to and convert it. This saves you percentage fees, because you only pay on one transaction. So you only pay half of the fee! Although users have to be careful with low liquidity coins. More info on the price mechanism can be found here.

What is the VIP fee discount?

Bitladon operates with a VIP program so fees could vary. When you sign up, you pay a standard fee of 1%. The more you trade, the more discounts you earn. The second tier is reached when you start trading with €500. Then you will only pay a fee of 0.90%. More info can be found here.

Bitladon advanced orders

Bitladon is a broker that offers advanced orders. This includes; stop loss, stop limit and buy orders that can be set. This is unique among brokers and differentiates Bitladon from its competitors.

“What makes Bitladon more than a broker is the any to any feature. With Bitladon, it is no longer necessary to first convert altcoin to Bitcoin to move to another currency.”

What are the payment options on Bitladon?

Bitladon focuses on the European market and the payment options make that clear. Apart from the Dutch iDeal, the following options are offered:

  • Bankcontact (Belgium)
  • SEPA (Europe)
  • Giropay (Germany)
  • Sofort (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland,
  • Hungary, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom)
  • MyBank (Luxembourg, Italy, France)

When a customer orders a payout, the order is passed directly to the bank. Since Bitladon works with Bunq, payouts to Bunq and ABN AMRO accounts are on the account within minutes. When using other banks this could impact the processing time and could maximum take a few business days.

Where do I find Bitladon support?

Bitladon is accessible via Mail, Live Chat or Phone.

Users can call the Bitladon customer support (English & Dutch) on the following number; +31 085 007 4844. During weekdays between 09:00 – 17:00. 

Users who want to live chat or mail can submit questions by sending an e-mail to: or by clicking on the customer support button on the Bitladon site. 

Be aware, emails are regularly responded to after opening hours. However, response time could be longer during opening hours.

For more info on how to contact Bitladon visit Bitladon Contact

What are the pros and cons of Bitladon?

Like any other broker, Bitladon also has their advantages and disadvantages. See the table below for their strengths and weaknesses:


  • Easy and user-friendly for beginners
  • Fiat Off/On Ramp
  • Staking Options
  • Mobile Application
  • The VIP volume discount


  • Few lowmarket-cap Altcoins
  • Mandatory K-Y-C
  • Pricing mechanism that can be detrimental for low liquidity coins

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