YOM’s Strategic Approach: Building FOMO Before the BitMart Listing

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YOM’s Strategic Approach: Building FOMO Before the BitMart Listing

After last cycle’s boom and bust, the decentralized cloud gaming platform YOM saw a rebirth and celebrated its one-year anniversary this month. With many exciting developments on the project’s side and increased attention from influencers, brands, and venture capitalists, it was only a matter of time before it was getting listed on an exchange again. With BitMart, YOM’s first centralized exchange listing is set to provide increased exposure, liquidity, and a fiat to YOM on-ramp.

What is YOM?

YOM is the 1st decentralized pixel-streaming infrastructure (DePIN) powering cloud gaming at low latency and near-zero prices across all devices and channels. With numerous nodes, YOM is bringing intellectual property to life through interactive stories, game shows, and broadcast experiences that can be experienced on every device.

Enabling sustainable Computing

YOM is transforming idle gaming rigs into eco-friendly powerhouses. Their decentralized pixel-streaming infrastructure network (DePIN) offers resources via gamers’ idle machines that are over 95% more cost-effective and sustainable compared to centralized cloud solutions. 

This allows for streaming high-quality and affordable multiplayer experiences that are instantly accessible from any browser, platform, or device. For an in-depth review, please read our YOM coinreport.

Projects on YOM

Several unrestricted pixel-streaming projects are currently in development by YOM’s studios & brands, who are building faster and cheaper thanks to the platform. Some of the featured projects include THEXII, Virus, and Be More Underdog. 

When will YOM list on BitMart?

While BitMart has been confirmed as YOM’s first CEX listing, the exact listing date is yet to be announced. YOM has decided to not list too soon and instead focus on marketing efforts to grow their community and build hype before the listing.

YOM Jupiter

How can you buy YOM without the CEX listing? 

If you want some YOM and can’t wait for the CEX listing, the process to do so is easy and straightforward. By going to Jupiter, a decentralized exchange on Solana, users can easily swap USDC for YOM on Jupiter. 

If you need to buy Solana first, check our exchange list for Europeans or international players here.

How can I stay updated and join YOM community?

To stay updated on the latest news and announcements from YOM, users can join their official Telegram channel @YOM_announcements and explore their website at yom.ooo.


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