The WEF (World Economic Forum) encourages working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

The WEF (World Economic Forum) encourages working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

The WEF (World Economic Forum) advises leaders of businesses and organizations to actively engage with ”cryptocurrencies” and the underlying technology ”the blockchain.”

We think it is very important that important authorities pay attention to cryptocurrency and the technology behind it, blockchain technology. Then it becomes more and more clear what the potential added value of this can be.

We found, as an example of this, a nice note from the World Economic Forum.

Cryptocurrencies: A Guide to Getting Started Global Future Council on Cryptocurrencies: June 2021

In it, they advise leaders of organizations’ businesses to learn about cryptocurrencies and the important technology behind them: blockchain technology.

With respect to the information available, they report the following:

”While there is no shortage of content that covers the about cryptocurrency technology and the promise it holds, there is little reliable, practical guidance on where and how technology professionals can get started with cryptocurrency.”

To get a start, they have written this note for those leaders. We are happy to add that it is also interesting for them to visit and review the information on our websites ”” and ””. The reports on various crypto projects that have been started using the blockchain technique are very worth reading for them.

The reason they advise leaders to get involved is:

  1. Since the creation of bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrencies have been the subject of uncertainty, skepticism, hype and disillusionment. Although they are still in their infancy as a technology category, cryptocurrencies are now maturing and and have demonstrable utility.”

    World Economic Forum, Crypto, What Is It Good For? An Overview of Cryptocurrency Use Cases, 2020,” Appendix 2

  2. At the time of this writing, cryptocurrencies are valued in total at over $2 trillion in market capitalization.

    Coin Market Cap, April 28, 2021,
  3. Cryptocurrency-based lending applications and decentralized trading platforms currently hold $65 billion in assets.”
    DeFi Pulse, April 28, 2021,

To learn more about the opportunities, they advise leaders to:

  1. To start trading in cryptocurrencies,
  2. Participate in the underlying blockchain systems,
  3. Get started programming decentralized applications,
  4. Participate in blockchain governance systems,
  5. Research about both privacy and scalability trade-offs between different cryptocurrencies,
  6. Research relevant legal guidelines and regulations.

They indicate get started with it and not only by reading but also by participating themselves.

The WEF’s note (A Guide to Getting Started Global Future Council on Cryptocurrencies: June 2021) should help them in this to get started.

In addition to reading these articles, we recommend reading the knowledge database and our research reports on various crypto projects, on our website(s).

Good luck, and hopefully this will contribute positively to the further development and acceptance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology!

Interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain yourself? Check out our guide!


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