RoaringKitty and The Surge of Memecoins: Where To Buy GME Crypto?

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RoaringKitty and The Surge of Memecoins: Where To Buy GME Crypto?

Roaring Kitty (@TheRoaringKitty), a retail trading legend, has returned after 3 years of radio silence. In 2021, he led retail users to drive GameStop’s stock price to soar, and now his return has caused quite an uproar in the price of GameStop in traditional finance but also within the crypto community.

Who is Roaring Kitty and What Did He Do?

In 2019, Roaring Kitty began to post the view that GameStop was undervalued and purchased $53K worth of stock. As he continued to post about GameStop, more and more people joined him, causing the stock price to rise rapidly. His stock value turned to ~$48M in January 2021. There is a movie about his life named ‘Dumb Money’, where he effectively pushed out big hedge funds that were in short positions and saw the buy option disappear in order to keep the markets financially sane.

In June of 2021, Roaring Kitty posted a video about a kitten falling asleep on Twitter, and then largely disappeared from social media until May 13, when he suddenly posted a picture on X of a video gamer leaning forward on their chair – a classic meme, indicating things are getting more serious.

The Impact of Roaring Kitty’s Return on Meme Coins

While “Roaring Kitty” led retail investors to drive GameStop’s stock price to soar in 2021, it also brought buyers to the crypto meme space, pushing prices of memecoins related to his ‘brand’ into the sky. More particularly:

The return of Roaring Kitty caused 2 memecoins to skyrocket, which are:

  • $GME: + 2,500%
  • $KITTY: + 13,000%


Please note these memecoins are not related to the real GameStop stock or to RoaringKitty himself. All memecoins are essentially worthless in the way that they have no use case besides gambling on them.

Where to buy GME – Memecoin? 

If you’re interested in buying $GME, the meme coin that surged by 2,500% after Roaring Kitty’s return, you can find it on Bitget and Bingx exchanges. Both platforms support the Solana blockchain, where $GME is based.

Potential Cat-Themed Meme Coins to Watch

But there could be more speculation. Many believe that the presence of the ‘retail legend’ could signal the start of a new meme coin season, more specifically cat-themed memes.

Some of these include: $POPAT, $MEW, $michi, $MOG, $TOSHI, $WEN, $SC, $MANEKI, and $KITTY. For more information on several cat meme coins, visit our page here.

Can’t Stop Crypto

What happened back in the day, putting a halt to buying a stock, could not happen in crypto. Unlike traditional stock markets, the crypto market cannot be halted, which allows for more continuous trading and potentially more opportunities for quick profits. Although the setting is different and nothing more than a meme caused this price surge, it is something worth noting. As discussed in the video below, if traditional finance had it their way, they would only play the game when it’s in their favor. Not very retail-friendly if you ask me.

The Kobeissi Letter op X: ‘JUST IN: Former SEC Chair Jay Clayton on $GME and $AMC, “Is this something we should be tolerating in our markets? Whether it is legal or illegal, I don’t think so.” He calls on “Roaring Kitty” to “tell people why he did this.” Why do you think “Roaring Kitty” did this?’ / X (


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