Revolutionizing Cloud Services: Introducing NCDT Cloud Skynet Go Pro

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Revolutionizing Cloud Services: Introducing NCDT Cloud Skynet Go Pro

As cloud computing becomes increasingly vital for businesses and users, centralization poses challenges around cost, control and resilience. NCDT Cloud aims to address this through a decentralized approach.

In this article we examine NCDT Cloud’s technical approach and whether its resource-sharing model can provide the scalability, security and performance of major cloud platforms, but at a fraction of the cost. With centralized control presenting downsides, could decentralization spark innovation in the rapidly growing cloud market?

What Is NCDT Cloud?

NCDT Cloud is revolutionizing cloud computing through UC Berkeley’s bionic technology. It integrates various data centers and launches Newco Cloud Skynet, the first decentralized mesh hyperscale. The offerings, which include NCDT Cloud Skynet Go Pro and custom solutions, cater to a wide range of computational needs and provide a significant cost advantage over traditional services like AWS.

NCDT Cloud leverages unused computing power from various hardware resources to create a decentralized solution for cloud computing. This approach is designed to be independent of new hardware requirements, highly efficient, and cost-effective. 


The NCDT Cloud team is doxed, offering full transparency with LinkedIn profiles, pictures, full names, job titles, and their professional backgrounds. This openness provides potential investors and users with a sense of security, knowing who is at the helm of the project and their industry experience.

Cost Advantage

NCDT Cloud’s decentralized model is cost-effective, leveraging idle hardware resources to reduce cloud computing costs by 70 to 90% compared to AWS. This cost advantage is backed by endorsements from BAFA and DLR. Additionally, Newco Cloud assists clients in obtaining public funding for their projects.

NCDT Cloud Tokenomics

NCDT Cloud’s tokenomics are structured to ensure a fixed number of tokens, with no possibility of an increase, which could potentially drive up the price when demand outweighs supply. The token allocation includes staking rewards, company reserve, and circulating supply, with a total supply capped at 50 million NCDT tokens. Revenue is distributed between the company, marketing, influencers, and other channels.

Coingecko NCDT via CoinGecko

Future Outlook on NCDT 

The NCDT token is poised to become a key player in the cloud computing industry. With its upcoming listing on MEXC Global and innovative approach to utilizing idle computing power, NCDT offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional cloud services. Remember to use referral codes for potential benefits and always invest responsibly.


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