Popcat: The Meme Coin That’s Got the Crypto World Purring

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Popcat: The Meme Coin That’s Got the Crypto World Purring

The cat meme coin narrative is one that made many people a lot of money in the recent month. This includes the massively shared Popcat, which is a smiling cat that opens his mouth wide open. Is it worth your attention or is it a passing trend riding on the success of other meme coins? Let’s take a look.

What is Popcat and How Has It Gained Popularity?

Popcat is a simple online game that first went viral during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. The game’s premise is straightforward: players click or tap on a cat image, causing it to open its mouth and make a “pop” sound, while a counter keeps track of the number of clicks.

Initially, the game seemed like a mindless diversion, but it quickly gained a competitive aspect when a global leaderboard was introduced, putting countries against each other to determine the fastest and most dedicated “cat-poppers” worldwide.

The Birth of $POPCAT

In December 2022, a cryptocurrency called $POPCAT was launched, capitalizing on the game’s viral success. Initially, the developer sold his tokens within the first few hours, when the memecoin reached a market cap of around 100,000-200,000.

Everyone thought it was yet another rug pull. But from the ashes, the cat arose.

The Rise and Fall of $POPCAT

By Christmas 2022, $POPCAT had reached a market cap of $50 million, an impressive feat for a community-based token without a significant team budget, market makers, or centralized exchange listings.

However, tensions arose when the original developer attempted to sell 3,000 NFTs for 1.5 SOL each, leading to a dispute with the community.

To resolve the situation, the community negotiated the purchase of the token update authority from the developer for $35,000 USDC. While initially viewed as a bullish move, $POPCAT’s price subsequently declined, settling around a $5 million market cap as the memecoin market entered a bearish trend.

Community Driving Success

During the bearish months that followed, it was the dedicated moderators, content creators, and community members who kept $POPCAT alive. Similar to communities that push other memecoins, they laid the foundation for $POPCAT’s future success.

Recently, it has seen an insane price increase as it increased over 1300% over the month. It gave birth to the Cat coin narrative that still plays out on the Solana blockchain.

Why is Popcat’s Presence on Twitter Important?

On Twitter, Popcat has shown a strong presence with a variety of engaging memes. The cultural movement behind a meme coin is the driving factor of its success, and the Popcat seems to edge out its competition in this regard. 

PopCat Holders

How Does Popcat’s Market Cap Compare?

With a market cap of $179 million, Popcat has room to grow when compared to other meme coins with market caps in the billions. However, retail investors seem to have not yet fully caught on, which could indicate potential for future growth or signal that the peak for Popcat has already passed. Yes, it can happen this fast in crypto – a matter of days.

Where to Buy Popcat?

Popcat is available on several decentralized exchanges on the Solana blockchain. But it can also be bought on Bitmart if you prefer to go through fewer steps.

How Can You Buy Popcat on Solana?

If you want to buy it directly, you can do so on Solana platforms like Radium, Orca, and Jupiter.

To buy Popcat on Solana, you will need to use a Solana-supported wallet like Phantom, known for its ease of use. Here’s a simple breakdown of the process:

  1. Set up your Phantom wallet.
  2. Purchase Solana (SOL) from Binance or your preferred exchange. Check our list of exchanges here.
  3. Send SOL to your Phantom wallet’s Solana address.
  4. Use a decentralized exchange like Radium to swap your SOL for Popcat tokens.

Connecting your wallet to Radium allows you to swap tokens seamlessly, making the purchasing process straightforward for investors of all levels.

Beware of Volatility in the Meme Coin Space

Meme coins including Popcat are inherently volatile due to their reliance on market sentiment and social media hype rather than fundamental value. They are meme coins and have no use case besides gambling your SOL or other coins. Also, the influencers who play a significant role in this volatility may exit their positions without public notice.

That being said, the community-driven efforts and potential catchy memes could give the token a prospect of centralized exchange listings that could give Popcat another significant boost.


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