Dogecoin Devving: QR Codes – Moon Phases and BIP-39 Seed Support

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Dogecoin Devving: QR Codes – Moon Phases and BIP-39 Seed Support

The Dogecoin Foundation has recently announced a major update to its libdogecoin toolset, which includes several new features, fixes, and improvements. According to developer Michi Lumin, this update is a “big one” and offers many benefits to Dogecoin users and developers alike.

Support for BIP39 and Related Standards

One of the most significant additions to the libdogecoin toolset is support for BIP39, a widely-used standard for creating and restoring addresses in Bitcoin wallets and other cryptocurrencies. The update also includes full support for related address standards such as BIP32, BIP44, and SLIP44. With this update, users can now have more options related to seed phrases, which are lists of common words that serve as a mnemonic. The toolset supports multiple languages, making it more accessible to users around the world.

Doge Qr

QR Codes and Moon Phases

Another important addition to the libdogecoin toolset is the ability to generate QR codes, which are often used in mobile wallet transactions. This makes it easier for users to make transactions and transfers using their mobile devices.

Additionally, the toolset now displays the phase of the moon, which is a novelty feature that is relevant to the Dogecoin community. As investors often hope for Dogecoin prices to go “to the moon,” this feature adds a bit of fun and humor to the toolset.

Technical Features for Developers

The libdogecoin toolset also includes several technical features that are aimed at developers who are building their own Dogecoin wallets or other software. These features are explained in detail on Lumin’s Twitter post and on GitHub. General users can also use many of these features through an executable titled “such,” which is a reference to the “dogespeak” seen in the Dogecoin meme itself.


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