ApeStake: Stake and Earn Ape Assets

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ApeStake: Stake and Earn Ape Assets

What is Ape Staking? 

Staking your APE can be done on ApeStake.io, which is the official staking protocol for ApeCoin and is established by the ApeCoin DAO. It was created as a way for Apecoin – APE token holders, Bored Ape – BAYC NFT, Mutant Ape – MAYC NFT, and BAKC NFT holders to earn rewards through staking. 

How does APE staking work?

Holders of Ape assets can put their tokens to work by staking them in four various pools and earning additional rewards in the form of more APE tokens.

ApeStake.io has the distinction of offering layers of rewards for holders of Ape NFTs. Operating like a safe-deposit box key where the NFTs grant holders access to exclusive staking pools.

What are the different Ape Staking pools?

ApeCoin staking can happen in 4 different Staking Pools that are slowly growing and will last for 3 years. Three pools for NFTs: BAYC, MAYC, BAKC and one for non-NFT holders (APE Holders).


In the second largest pool (30%) you can stake if you have at least one APE in your wallet. Non NFT holders have no staking cap.

The BAYC pool represents the highest of the staking pools  (47%) with a maximum stake up to 10,094 $APE for each BAYC you own and equal to the amount of APE they received from the initial airdrop.

The MAYC pool lets you stake up to 2,042 $APE for each MAYC you own.  (19%) 

 A Dog (BAKC) cannot be staked alone and must be paired with a Bored Ape or a Mutant. Fourth is the BAKC holders (4%). 

Influence on Apecoin - APE price

ApeCoin staking – observations Pools are only slowly growing. APE staking is rewarding NFT and coin holders who believe in the future of APE. The staking protocol could drive traction into APE, BAYC, MAYC & BAKC communities and could suggest a potential buy pressure of Apecoin – APE.



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