How can you earn free cryptocurrency?

Earning free crypto coins is a common question among crypto starters. This article will discuss 5 different ways one can earn free crypto. Some of these methods will be more difficult than others and may require time or other effort. Always keep an eye out for fake promotions. These promise you a lot of crypto coins if you make a small investment, these are almost always a scam.

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Earning Bitcoin and other crypto by completing tasks

One of the easiest ways to earn some crypto coins is to complete small tasks. This carries a fairly low risk. The tasks you will have to perform will require effort and time and can be repetitive. This includes websites where you can perform tasks and then earn crypto coins. These tasks can be different from clicking on websites, watching ads, and other tasks. The amount of coins you earn here is usually not very high, but the tasks are fairly easy and have a low risk.

Advantage: very easy, low risk and often paid out quickly.
Disadvantage: it takes quite some time and the amount you can earn is not that high.

Earning Bitcoin and other crypto by completing

Earn crypto coins through an affiliate platform

One method that is more rewarding and also has a fairly low risk is to become an affiliate. An affiliate is someone who promotes a product, platform or service. The moment people buy that product or register through you, you get paid for it. Well-known affiliate programs to earn crypto are those of cryptocurrency exchanges. You can often get a code there to invite your friends to also use their platform. If people then use your code, you get a percentage of the commission they pay. But promotion of products or services is also a possibility here. It is of course important that people use your code or click on your link.

Benefit: greater amount you can earn, which can continue over a longer period of time.
Disadvantage: can take quite some time and if no one uses your codes, you will not earn anything.

Earn crypto coins by writing about crypto

If you can write reasonably well, then this might be for you. Many companies in the crypto world are startups that need good content. So you can offer your services to those companies, to write for them and thus earn crypto. A more difficult method is to start your own blog and put advertisements on it, in order to try to earn crypto (you can also link this to an affiliate promotion). A third option is a platform called Steem. Steem is a social network where people can write or post a blog and then on the basis of ‘upvotes’ the writers are paid in crypto coins on Steem. So if you can write very well and become known on Steem, you can also earn crypto coins there. If you do choose to approach companies, it is smart to look for startups,

Advantage: you can earn a fair amount of crypto and also build a portfolio while doing something you enjoy.
Disadvantage: you must first find a company for which you can write and be good at it.

Earn free crypto by participating in airdrops

One of the best-known and easiest ways to earn various crypto coins is to participate in airdrops. An airdrop is a way for a company to promote itself by giving away free crypto coins for some small tasks (often on social media), more information about what an airdrop is can be found here. To join an airdrop is very easy, you just need to pick a good one and then complete the tasks to get the crypto coins. Some airdrops have extra tasks that allow you to earn extra coins, or have some kind of affiliate program where you can invite friends to earn more crypto. On CryptoBieb you can find an overview of good airdrops that are currently going on.

Advantage: fast, easy and possibly a fairly large amount of crypto.
Disadvantage: the exact value depends on the market value of the crypto coins and there are airdrops in between that are worth almost nothing when you get the coins.

Earn free crypto by mining

The last way you can earn free crypto that we will talk about in this article is by mining. Mining is a process in which you ‘find’ crypto coins by means of difficult calculations from your computer or mining hardware. So you can purchase mining hardware to mine, but you can often also start mining at home with your graphics card. First you have to find out which coins you can mine with it and download the software for this. This requires technical knowledge and your computer will also have to be turned on to be able to mine. So it will significantly increase your electricity costs. But once it works, it takes almost no extra effort to keep it running.

Advantage: after installation not much more work and can earn quite a bit.
Disadvantage: technical knowledge is required, costs electricity and mining hardware may need to be purchased to be able to mine more.

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