WeYu – WEYU crypto

The NFT markets are booming. We see this not only in the gigantic increases of price but also in the growing involvement of more and more celebrity figures. Yet the complexity of the NFT world leaves many people empty-handed. WeYu tries to make the buying/selling process more user-friendly with the use of his very own NFT-platform.


What is WeYu – WEYU?

WeYu is a multi-chain platform that was specifically designed to make the NFT market more user-friendly.

There are several problems that NFT buyers and sellers share today. Problems that range from a poor user interface experience to poor or even non-existent customer support.

A general lack of knowledge about elements of blockchains may also result in new users dropping out of the sometimes confusing NFT-sector.

WeYu wants to connect different blockchains and their marketplaces with its platform, in order to educate the average internet user and give the mass NFT adoption a boost.

General info about WeYu – WEYU

How is the WeYu – WEYU protocol structured?

The focus of the WeYu platform is mainly on usability, which the platform will try to improve by using some unique features;

Data driven UI

WeYu’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) will be adjusted to AI-based algorithms that will adapt to users of the platform. For example, elements such as product labeling, personalization and filtering will be determined by user behavior.

For this, the WeYu community is crucial and they are directly helping to fine-tune these learning mechanisms. Which is an extra way to earn an income for WeYu users.

The multi chain functionality

The importance of interoperability between blockchains is still an unresolved issue in the community.

Due to the lack of this, the market is unfortunately breaking into different parts and there are several barriers that are holding mainstream adoption….

WeYu wants to overcome this barrier by providing access to 5 different blockchains, with their own unique NFT standards.


WeYu Team

WeYu was founded by a team consisting of blockchain engineers with years of experience in the crypto sphere. The team consists of members with experience in smart-contract and web-development. As well as backgrounds in marketing and customer engagement.


In the last quarter of 2021, we can expect the launch of the WEYU token on PancakeSwap.

In 2022, WeYu will expand on Ethereum network, Polkadot and Elrond. Also, the WeYu DAO will go live.


For a detailed explanation of how the WeYu protocol works, please refer to the whitepaper.

Use case of WeYu – WEYU

WeYu Token

The WEYU token will first be launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). Later also on the Solana network (SPL). In the future, it will be possible to bridge the tokens between different blockchains, by using token bridges.

For now, the WEYU token will only be available via PancakeSwap (BSC).

The WeYu token will have different functions within the ecosystem. For example, it serves as a fee within the platform and will be automatically burnt to balance the supply.

Transactions on the platform are not done with this token.


Users can establish memberships by staking WEYU tokens, thereby earning additional rewards as well as reduced costs on the platform.

The amount of WeYu tokens that token holders stake will determine which category of membership they belong to.

Membership will be possible at four different levels:

Staking fees will be paid out each month. This will ensure that the WeYu community can share in the eventual success of the platform.

Additional yield will be further distributed to the WeYu team, WeYu DAO and WeYu partners.


WeYu (max. supply 5 billion) uses the token embedded fee. This means that each transaction is subject to a 4% tax.

This tax will be collected in the WeYu pool and will be distributed the following;

  • 25% will be redistributed to the WEYU token holders.
  • 25% will go to the WEYU-burn address
  • 25% is converted to BNB and becomes locked liquidity
  • 25% goes to the BNB liquidity pair (LP)

Use funds

The WEYU tokens will be used in the following orde;

  • Locked in liquidity 20%
  • UI/UX engineering and design 15%
  • Technical engineering 15%
  • Operations and management 15%
  • Partnerships and acquisition 15%
  • Customer support 15%
  • Data Integrations 5%

Where to buy and sell WeYu – WEYU?

What do we think about WeYu – WEYU?

The fact that different blockchains, with different token standards are fragmenting the NFT markets, forms several issues for NFT newcomers.

It’s definitely not a bad idea to create an accessible NFT-platform that could aggregate different blockchains to facilitate the huge demand in the NFT-sector.

By doing so, WeYu can possibly take an advantageous position in the lightning fast emerging NFT market.

Conclusion about WeYu – WEYU

WeYu, regardless of blockchain, token standard or NFT category, builds a user-friendly NFT platform. It does this to accelerate mass adoption and provide (new) community members with guidelines into the complex and intricate digital art world.


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