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VulcanForged – PYR

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Vulcan Forged $PYR. A full-blown play and earn blockchain-based gaming ecosystem.

So, you are a gamer. Always loved to play? But do you desire high-quality graphics and stuff? So…you are the one not accepting any downgrades but do want to sniff around blockchain-based gaming, huh? Well. This might be your thing. This ecosystem using the token PYR is filled with games and ways to earn money. The CEO already announced they would keep developing until they created an MMORPG based on World of Warcraft and Minecraft with similar gaming experience and graphics performance. Besides all this good news. Chopping wood all day inside VulcanVerse can be very mindful and will help you live a stressless life. This will not ruin the climate in any way, as Vulcan got this covered by a real-life tree adoption program soon to be released.

What is VulcanForged – PYR?

Vulcan Forged is actually a gaming studio based in Greece, Europe. The team is epic as active community members mostly form the team. It’s nothing like the average team trying to put forward some great and mostly fake LinkedIn profiles. This one is genuine and honest. The team has grown to 42 employees over the past two years. The main office is located in Athens, Greece. This is actually the perfect location considering VulcanForged is based on greek mythology.

The best thing about this ecosystem is the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) compatibility for all games. You can use your Vechain based NFTs for almost all games. So. When you level up your NFT to, let’s say, level7, you can be much more powerful playing ALL games. Cool huh? It almost looked like these guys thought about mechanisms like this. Current list of some of the games: Tower defense, Forged Arena, Battle chess, a huge MMORPG metaverse game called VulcanVerse, a card game like Blizzard’s hearthstone called Berserk, and Coddle pets (a world full of dragons you can breed and train). These are just a few examples of live playable games right now. More are released at a fast rate right now.


The company develops multiple blockchain-based games with a particular overall vision. At least, that’s what I came up with when I connected all information. I assume they agree. Let’s mention the most important ones:

    • NFTs are the main assets within the ecosystem. These are upgradable.
    • The NFTs should be compatible with ALL ecosystem games. When you own a certain NFT, you can use this in many ways. Creating multiple use-cases for the specific NFT assets.
    • The games are based on the play-to-earn concept. It’s possible to make actual money while playing. This is a rather new development, but it is assumed to become very popular and mainstream.
    • The main focus is playing games. This will be stimulated heavily. Sure, you can stake your PYR and make some passive income. But people actually playing games will always earn more and receive higher rewards.
    • The games should have a high quality, unlike most blockchain-based games. The goal is high-end.
    • The ecosystem is third-party friendly. They even have $30.000 in startup funds available to support a new exciting game project.
    • Lore is important. Two famous lore writers actually wrote four books. The book’s content is extensive and used as in-game lore. The award-winning author Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris are both the godfathers of the lore of VulcanForged.


PYR is the main token used across the ecosystem. PYR can be used for staking, upgrading, buying NFTs on the marketplace, and much more. PYR can not be earned while playing. Vulcan created a special token for in-game usage. LAVA. LAVA is the main play to earn tokens. It can be used to upgrade your NFTs or buy materials in-game. The team already announced the use cases for LAVA would be extreme. LAVA can be traded on the VulcanDEX.

This review of VulcanForged – PYR was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about VulcanForged – PYR

VulcanForged is one of the fastest-growing gaming ecosystems. They offer a leading NFT multi-chain marketplace. Multichain means compatibility for Ethereum, Polygon, Vechain, and Binance smart chain NFTs. Lots of NFT based projects are actually very interested in using this marketplace because of this cross-chain compatibility.

You can create your own NFTs and publish them or sell them on the marketplace. Playing games obviously is one of the most important parts of this gaming platform.

The flagship product is VulcanVerse. The MMORPG metaverse.

Use case of VulcanForged – PYR

PYR is an ERC-20 token and Polygon based token. The use-cases of PYR can be seen as ‘many’ right now. Let’s name a few:

  • PYR can be used buying and selling NFTs on the marketplace.
  • PYR can be used to stake and earn a passive income.
  • PYR can be used to generate free LAVA airdrops.
  • PYR can be used to upgrade several in-game items.
  • PYR can be used to rent a plot or vulcanite, granting you some advantages.
  • PYR can be used to mint your own NFTs.
  • PYR can be used to stake on the VulcanDEX and earn free NFTs.
  • PYR can be used to sow a future NFT into fully grown NFTs.
  • PYR can be used to stake on Uniswap and Quickswap to earn passive income.
  • PYR can be used to buy collectible NFTs to create a collection.


Some NFTs are scarce, like the special Frank Frazetta NFT event organized by cooperation between Artefy and VulcanForged. The demand for these NFTs is very high as the traditional art-loving Frazetta community is also involved.

The main flagship game VulcanVerse will target games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft. Vulcanforged already claimed this is the goal for VulcanVerse. Quality of the game-play, look and feel and graphics are important. As there are second to none playable high-quality metaverses out right now, this use-case could be very interesting indeed.

Platform tokens

It is important to understand this ecosystem is using multiple tokens. PYR is the main token. It is listed on big exchanges like Kucoin, Uniswap, Bittrex, and

LAVA is also a tradable crypto token. You can use it to buy materials or upgrades for your character. LAVA can be traded on the VulcanDEX announced to be released in September 2021.

XP or experience is also a token, but not tradable and not worth any money. It would be best if you had XP to perform certain important upgrades. You will earn XP for free while you play. It can be used a proof you are actually a gamer and putting in some real efforts.

Vulcan Forged $PYR wallet.

VulcanForged offers several wallets. They build a dashboard to manage your wallets across the platform. It’s easy to use and can, for example, be used to transfer tokens or supply the marketplace. You can also check your LAVA and XP earnings and access the marketplace. Your NFT inventory is also connected to this dashboard.

PYR is a multi-chain coin. You can buy it on Ethereum but also on Polygon/Matic right now. Binance smart chain will be the next one to be supported. As Ethereum is pretty expensive regarding transaction costs, buying the polygon/Matic one is advised.


Stuff will become interesting now. We have all seen what happened to similar projects recently, right after staking went live? No? Well. I’m no moon boy. But I will look like one if I have to explain. So I don’t.

It will be possible to stake PYR inside your privately owned land plots. VulcanVerse is built on 9918 land plots. Some say a secret plot exists. But it’s a well know rumor. Anyway. VulcanForged offers a reward pool containing 10 million PYR to be paid out over 48 months while the staking starts. Low-level land plots receive less compared to high-level plots. It will probably be a race to the finish to scoop up as much PYR as possible. Rewards will be as high as 40PYR/month per land plot. Pretty huge, considering PYR is trading at $4,3 at the time of writing.

The same plots can be used to rent out to other players. Doubling your income. As third, incentive plots allow people to enter the metaverse to play and earn. When entering through your privately owned plot, the player will have to pay you 50% of all earnings. Pretty huge news for landlords, right? Any real estate whale reading this could consider moving the business inside the metaverse.

Vulcan Forged Marketplace

When writing this article, roughly 20 companies are using this unique marketplace to buy/sell and trade NFTs. The main token used is PYR, as I already mentioned. Trading volume has been over 19 million USD in the past 3 months. The highest selling item was traded at $113,100. Fairly high considering the market cap of this project is around 80 million USD right now. The marketplace is growing fast as they seem to dominate the upcoming blockchain Polygon. (Ethereum killer) New projects are being announced almost every week who will be using the VulcanForged marketplace shortly. Things are looking bright indeed. The company is currently receiving revenue from marketplace fees. A quite significant revenue, actually.

The team and roadmap

VulcanForged was founded about 2 years ago. It was actually migrated from a previous project called Vertiarti. Vertiarti was an art-based NFT project on the Vechain blockchain. They started building games quite soon and went ahead with NFTs very early. The company actually offered an ‘anvil’ to store your own NFTs on the blockchain as one of the first companies.

The company decided to grow and move to the Polygon/Matic blockchain and become multi-chain compatible to serve multiple crypto projects. The team has grown to 45 people now, with the CEO being Jamie Thomson. Jamie is one of the best public speakers I came across so far and is extremely dedicated to his community. His popularity might even be higher than your own countries national soccer team. He is well known for his phone addiction and the urge to read all messages the community produces.

Jamie Thomson — CEO of VulcanForged

Ritam Gupta — Head of the blockchain of VulcanForged
Jimy X — CCO of VulcanForged
Full team can be found here:

The roadmap of this project is pretty extensive as it involved multiple games and many different platforms. It’s impossible to mention in here, to be honest. If you are interested in this project, I recommend joining the project’s Discord server and heading over to the Vulcan classroom channel. I will be there most of the time to help you out.

Where to buy and sell VulcanForged – PYR?

What do we think about VulcanForged – PYR?

Suppose you are a gamer, NFT enthusiast, a loving father/mother of a few kids, a real-life computer nerd, or a Bitcoin maximalist. It does not matter. Everybody can find the perfect game inside this huge ecosystem. With staking around the corner and the VulcanVerse cadalion (scholarships) program being initiated, this is almost a no-brainer project to be involved in.

The community is still small but incredibly active. Lots of community-based projects are being developed to support the team. This is a good sign for us as community engagement is absolutely key.

The roadmap is pretty extensive, with major developments like the own VulcanDEX being released in September 2021. Tower defense on iOS and Android will be released using VulcanForged NFTs. Berserk season 2 is running right now. This is a tournament with prices up to $30.000. In-game trading, in-game chatting, staking, and VulcanApp are just a few things I can mention right now.

If this team manages to build all the games and maintain a certain quality level, this project could become one of the biggest gaming-related blockchain projects in existence. I would certainly put this one on your watchlist or maybe even something more serious.

VulcanForged – PYR conclusion

You would be a fool not to try one of the games, right?. Your other option would be to start rereading this article, as you probably did not understand the message quite well. The games are free anyway. So what are you waiting for?

You can create your VulcanForged account right here.

This is a guest article written by Jaap
You can follow Jaap on twitter and medium.


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