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Ultra – UOS

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Ultra (UOS) is the first of it’s kind fee-less blockchain ecosystem powering an entertainment platform that provides a variety of games industry & blockchain enabled services under a single roof. Accessible through a single login Ultra provides a platform interface, to discover, buy, and play games, watch live-streaming feeds, interact with your favourite influencers, participate in contests, compete in tournaments. trade assets on marketplaces and more.

What is Ultra – UOS?

Built around their PC game distribution platform, Ultra Games, the Ultra platform will provide access to countless centralized and decentralized services. Ultra has been built to extinguish the frontier between blockchain and mass market, between dApps and apps and between legacy virtual items and NFTs.

The Ultra Platform is a downloadable application and comes fully equipped with an Ultra wallet and access to the app ecosystem, powered by the Ultra blockchain. Users can have all their favourite applications in a single place. From playing games to trading on (NFT) marketplaces, interacting with entertainment services, using future DeFi applications and whatever else developers decide to build!

With their easy blockchain solution consisting of a non-custodial private key management & recovery solution (in the process of being patented working closely with AMD) and partnerships from industry leaders in the technology, gaming and crypto industry, Ultra is ready to take on the task of true mainstream adoption.

Ultra is ran by a management team of experienced industry experts and a team of 50+ developers to make their vision a reality.


This review of Ultra – UOS was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about Ultra – UOS

UOS is the native token and life blood of the Ultra blockchain, which is a heavily customised version of the EOSIO code base. UOS is a utility token tied to the usage of the platform.

The Ultra chain is powered by a set of block producers and a resource model that is referred to as “Ultra Power”, powering transactions on the network. The Ultra blockchain is the first network allowing for completely free transaction with blocktimes of 0.5s and a tested TPS of about 12k transactions.

Since the mainnet is already live, transaction can be found on the mainnet explorer.

Ultra Games has been the main focus for Ultra in their first release of the Ultra Platform. Together with the integration of Theta, the Ultra wallet and a NFT marketplace, these will be the first available applications of the platform.

NFTs is a concept Ultra understood very early on and have been working on for the past couple years creating an NFT standard for game developers.

Every game published on Ultra Games is an NFT — meaning the game licence is an NFT. Developers will publish their games using an app called the Ultra Games Dev Centre, in which they will be able to create the game’s homepage, send images, videos, upload DLC, but ALSO tokenize their games in multiple versions (standard, premium editions etc) — essentially able to make different products.

As we enter the era of metaverses, Ultra is aiming to play a big role in this future. With the help of the Ultra SDK, developers are able to develop games with features Ultra provides, including tokenisation of in-game items but also many other features to create or improve interactions between players and ease their assets management.

According to the Ultra team, about 150 developers, consisting from a range of indie game developers to smaller and larger game studio’s have already been onboarded and are ready to start publishing their games on the platform once ready.

Ultra is currently in their testing phase. The full rollout of the Ultra platform is set to happen in 3 waves, each wave allowing more users and introducing & testing more features until the platform is fully open for the public. Wave 1 started at the end of 2020 with a select group of testers from the Ultra community to try out the platform. At the time of writing we are about to enter wave 2 where more users will be allowed access to a bigger part of the platform.

Use case of Ultra – UOS

Holders of the native UOS coin will be able to stake UOS to gain the resource Ultra Power and receive rewards. Ultra Power is used to gain priority in the network, allowing you to execute transactions faster. This resource model also helps preventing spammers while keeping transactions free.

UOS is the token that empowers the whole Ultra ecosystem enabling efficient and transparent value transfer between stakeholders: developers, influencers and players. All purchases of games, virtual items and services within the ecosystem require the use of UOS tokens. This includes features such as loyalty programs, advertisements, trading of digital goods and so on. Minting NFTs on Ultra also requires a fixed amount of UOS to be fused into the NFT. All transactions are completed on the blockchain with UOS tokens which causes a constant demand for Ultra’s token as the ecosystem grows.

The UOS token can also be earned in many ways by interacting with services on the platform. With their partnership with CUDOS, a mining application will be available where users can share their spare computing capacity to process crypto mining and other workloads in return for rewards. Earnings will automatically be converted to UOS which will be bought on markets and sent to the Ultra user’s wallet. Receiving UOS will allow Ultra’s users to participate in the ecosystem without any friction, enabling them to purchase games, in-game assets (NFTs), tip their favorite streamer, participate in tournaments, or even stake to get rewarded with more UOS.

Where to buy and sell Ultra – UOS?

As of July 2021 everyone is able to download the wallet client of Ultra, which, as time and development progresses, will automatically be updated with new features until fully opening up. Where you can store your mainnet UOS and where in the future you will also be able to directly purchase UOS from within the platform.

This means you can already sign-up for your Ultra account, claim your unique username and download the first available version of the Ultra client. As well as having the ability to swap the erc-20 UOS tokens to mainnet. However swapping is not mandatory since both the ERC-20 and the Native UOS token will co-exist, improving interoperability and utility.

What do we think about Ultra – UOS?

Ultra is an ambitious and promising project, with partnerships from big names such as AMD & Ubisoft it stands a real chance at impacting the market and gaining mass adoption. With the NFT hype from the past couple months we have seen the demand and usecases for NFTs grow and Ultra is setting themselves up to be one of the foundational players in the future gaming industry & metaverse. While this is only the beginning for the Ultra ecosystem, we are excited to see where it will go.

To read & learn more about Ultra, here are some other great resources to check out:

Ultra – UOS conclusion

Ultra has a solid team, great partnerships and all the ingredients it takes to be successful. The most important part is actually bringing everything together and rolling out the platform. With the hundreds of game developers ready to publish games and the mainnet that already is already live the last step left is testing and getting the users and developers onboard. The Ultra team seems very confident in there work in this seems to be confirmed by the big names it is connected with.

We think it is definitely worth keeping an eye on and a worthy addition to anyones portfolio, looking for some exposure to a solid high potential mid cap utility token and seeing the potential of the crossover between Crypto, NFTs and Gaming.

This is a guest article written by CryptoBro.
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