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Swash – SWASH

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The world we live in today, the information age, unfortunately does not make it clear to everyone what happens to our personal data. Big Tech that carelessly handles data and even violates user privacy is causing us to stray further and further every day from the internet we knew. The platform Swash aims to provide an alternative and work towards a fairer internet.

What is Swash – SWASH?

Swash is a community driven ecosystem that focuses on sharing web information in a safe and fair way. Businesses, developers and users have the ability to decide what happens to their online data and to benefit from the value it generates. Through Swash, everyday internet users can receive compensation for their contributions as they surf the web.

The goal of Swash is a reorganization of the so-called data economy, where everyone benefits from sharing their own data and will be rewarded accordingly.

Not only users, but also developers who want to access data in a targeted manner could do so using Swash. This interaction will be completely permissionless and without any third-party intervention.

This review of Swash – SWASH was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about Swash – SWASH

The core principles of the Swash ecosystem are democratizing, decentralizing and demonopolizing the data economy. To this end, it will stimulate all its participants.

This will allow the value of users data to be redefined and therefore forming a better and sustainable data economy.

Swash will offer benefits to all three participating parties:

  • Internet users: This group will be able to manage its own data, can choose what it shares and will be rewarded accordingly. The user will receive an income by choosing an alternative system.
  • Companies: This group can access high quality data at different scales and without passing by intermediaries. In this way companies can save time and money and possibly improve their reputation by considering fair data collection.
  • Developers: This group can innovate faster by quickly accessing tailored data. They form a new wave of development that is only possible with the rise of blockchain technology.


Swash is only available on chromium based webbrowsers such as; Google chrome , Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, UC Browser and Opera. Later, Swash will expand to other browsers and Android and iOS.

The extension can be installed in just a few minutes and its use is intuitive. Upon installation, one can decide which site data should never be stored and how much data should be shared.

Data union

Collected data is bundled and sent to the ‘Data Union’. Here, the data is made available for developers or companies to buy.

If data is purchased, members who opted to share the data, will receive a share of the purchase.

It is the choice of the users when they wish to withdraw their tokens.


Swash will never make the connection between the user’s identity and their data. The only means of identification would be the Ethereum address through which the user conducts his transactions.

Also, Swash has completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK. It’s basically used to ensure that data is being handled in the proper manner from a GDPR perspective.


The cross-cultural team includes experts from Finland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Turkey, and Canada. These Seniors have held various positions in different disciplines including analytics, software development, cyber security, blockchain and banking.

The team led by Reza Naeni is focused on raising awareness of Swash by delivering quality and marketing itself as an alternative in a time where there is a pressing demand for fundamental change in the data economy.


Near future milestones for Swash include improving the sIntelligence platform and implementing the first version of Swash smart contracts.

This implementation will create an equal income distribution between sMembers and can be expected in the last quarter of 2021.

Later in 2022, Swash will roll out new services and functionalities and launch its sApp infrastructure with the expected software development kit (SDK).


For a detailed explanation of the Swash – SWASH protocol, please refer to Swash’s whitepaper.


Several partnerships with some heavyweights in the blockchain industry were established to better position Swash in terms of market and product development. For example, Swash has partnered with Ocean Protocol, Chainlink, 1World Online, Amasa, WEDF and Boson Protocol.

Use case of Swash – SWASH


The SWASH token will have several use cases within the Swash ecosystem.

  • Incentive: SWASH will be used as an incentive mechanism, where sMembers and sUsers will be rewarded with SWASH tokens. This will enhance engagement and grow the ecosystem.
  • Marketplaces: Data products will be bought and sold with Swash tokens.
  • sIntelligence: sIntelligence offers a unique solution to companies that may want to gain a competitive advantage by using Swash data. When sCustomers subscribe to the sIntelligence platform, they will pay with Swash tokens.
  • sChannel: Swash tokens will be used to access sUsers’ communication channels.
  • sCompute: Swash tokens will be used when one wants to access sApps, also called data scientists. Here different algorithms can be deployed on Swash data.
  • Multiply: sMembers can deploy their tokens both inside and outside the ecosystem. By providing liquidity or donating tokens to numerous charities.
  • Governance: Swash token holders can suggest which projects might be funded by the Swash DAO. They can also cast a vote on new developments and the future of the platform.


As the platform grows, the demand for the token will increase and periodic tokenburns will be deployed to balance the token supply.


The SWASH token has the ERC677/BEP20 token standard. SWASH will have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (100%). The initial circulating supply is 5% at 50M.

The allocation of the SWASH token is done in the following way;

  • 15% Foundation
  • 15% Founders
  • 14% Ecosystem and DAO Growth
  • 14% Community and Platform Rewards
  • 10%Team & Advisors
  • 9% Pre-seed Round
  • 5% Strategic Round
  • 5% Pre-Sale Round
  • 5% Public Sale
  • 5% Liquidity Provision
  • 3% Seed Round

The SWASH token will be listed at $0.09 per token.

Swash app airdrop

Would you like to participate in the Swash app airdrop? Click here!

Where to buy and sell Swash – SWASH?

What do we think about Swash – SWASH?

Swash succeeds in assigning value to the data that you would otherwise have given away for free. By collecting, aggregating and selling the data, this information suddenly gets valuable.

This shift in how we look at data in combination with the current online climate, where violations of user data is old news, could potentially lead to an increase in interest in the Swash platform.

The alternative that Swash offers, getting paid for your web data, could also be a catalyst to the mainstream adoption of decentralized data.

We definitely recommend experimenting with Swash.

Swash – SWASH conclusion

‘Your data equals your income’ is the core message of Swash. The platform offers a new perspective on data ownership and rewards its users who participate in creating a fairer Internet. Install Swash and become a member of the world’s first and largest Data Union.


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