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The internet revolution drew more than just massive attention to the adult industry. It attracted also problems. Stories of abuse, privacy breaches and  artist bank accounts closures is increasingly happening in the industry. SugarBounce wants to address the systematic problem and offers an alternative and fairer 18+ platform.

What is SugarBounce – TIP?

SugarBounce is an adult entertainment ecosystem driven by its native token TIP.

The platform will focus on several problems that plague the adult entertainment industry. Such as staggering commissions for the content creators, property rights issues, privacy violations, and discrimination against newcomers in the industry.

SugarBounce provides 18+ content creators the tools to practice their art independently and be rewarded more fairly.

General info about SugarBounce – TIP

What are the elements of the SugarBounce ecosystem?

The Sugar Bounce ecosystem consists of 6 different components, each with their specific purpose.

Sugar Streams

Sugar streams provides exclusive access to live adult entertainment such as, cam sessions or visiting virtual strip clubs. Due to the decentralized nature of Sugar streams, content can be viewed and/or posted from anywhere in the world.

Of course, content creators must be verified before they can upload, this procedure has to take place to ensure quality and prevent abuse.

Individuals who only want to watch will also have to confirm their age.

Top creators will be rewarded by revenue generated through viewers and advertisements. The more visits, the higher the pay.

Sugar Pals

Sugar Pals allows people to access exclusive personalized content on a subscription basis, like ‘OnlyFans’.

By interacting with followers, content creators are able to earn monthly income as well as additional payouts in the form of tips or pay-per-views (PPV).

Sugar Markets

Sugar Markets is a specialized NFT component of SugarBounce. it was developed on top of ERC-721.

Artists can create and market their own NFT, that will provide exclusive access to for a specified period of time. Buyers of these NFTs can then further rent or sell them to other collectors.

Content creators always retain ownership rights and can earn a passive income for a lifetime.

Sugar Starter

Sugar Starter is the funding platform for new content creators. Here, new or existing creators can submit proposals by setting up a pool, where users/investors can contribute capital.

Investors who financially support the artists become co-owners of the created content, through owning the NFT.

Sugar Pay

Sugar pay allows the user to pay anonymously. Payments are made with the native token TIP but are later converted to fiat currency.

Sugar pay uses data masking and encryption technology to ensure discretion and anonymity.

Because SugarBounce will be deployed on Polygon (L2), these payments will be completely free of charge.


Sugar Reels is an Ai-recommendation engine that offers content tailored to the user.

Websites like PornHub and Xvideos generate huge amounts of revenue by placing ads on free content. At SugarBounce, users will be given the choice to watch for free with ads or to watch for paid without ads. The resulting revenue will, of course, be shared with the content creators.


CEO Navin Ray is at the forefront of the SugarBounce project, along with 5 other team members. With his 15+ years of experience in adult entertainment media, he will try to lead the project in the right direction.

The other members of the team have experience in blockchain development, web and mobile app design. They prefer to remain anonymous because of the content of the project that may affect their personal security.

Once the project is launched, the team will be publicly revealed.

SugarBounce also partnered with The Moonwalker, a well-known twitter account with 115k followers.


In the last quarter of 2021, the private sale will take place. As well as the launch of the application. It is expected that the first 100 content creators will find their way to the platform.

Early 2022, the first quarter,  the TIP token will be finding its way to a central exchange, which is still unknown.

The Sugar reels, starter, markets and pay products will be rolled out in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2022.


For a detailed explanation of how SugarBounce works, please refer to the white paper, which can be downloaded from their official website.

Use case of SugarBounce – TIP

What is the TIP token?

TIP is critical for the 6 different products that define SugarBounce. Most importantly use case is the anonymous payment processing and access to premium content.

As we look at the stakeholders who are paid out in TIP;

  • Hosts: Sugar Streams and SugarReels is powered by the native Web RTC-based P2P video streaming network. Which are individual computers (hosts) that lend bandwidth to maintain streaming speed and quality. These datahosts are rewarded with TIP.
  • Content Creators: Subscriptions, tips and additional fees are paid to adult entertainers with the TIP token.
  • Investors: The crowdfunding platform will lure investors who deploy TIP in the ugar starter pool. When content actually generates revenue, investors will earn a passive income. This will be payed out in TIP.
  • Viewers: Users of the platform pay with TIP to consume content, become premium or start a NFT collection.
  • Platform: The platform for the 18+ content will hold off a small portion for his upkeep.
  • Advertisers: Ads are facilitated with TIP, where advertisers pay to advertise and users pay TIP to watch ad-free.


The total initial supply is 6,083,333 TIP. Of which 5,083,333 TIP will be sold through the private sale and 500,000 TIP through the crowd sale.

TIP’s token model will adapt to the performance of the platform. By means of a mint and burn function that will be activated monthly, the token supply will be kept under control.

When the demand increases, tokens will be minted. When the demand decreases tokens will be burnt.

For each emission there is a maximum of 50,000 tokens that will be emitted. Emissions are decided by the DAO and can be followed live via the dashboard.

The model below will be used for the next two years.

Where to buy and sell SugarBounce – TIP?

TIP tokens have not yet been launched on a decentralized or centralized exchange.

Sociale Media SugarBounce – TIP


What do we think about SugarBounce – TIP?

The multi-billion dollar industry has a lot of problems such as unfair pay, discrimination against content creators and breaches of user and artist privacy. Therefore we can conclude to look for an alternative.

SugarBounce presents a blockchain platform that enables content creators and viewers to participate in the adult industry in a fair and durable way.

If the project succeeds in taking over a fraction of the adult industry, we can assume that more content creators and viewers will find their way to the platform.

SugarBounce (TIP) Logo

Conclusion about SugarBounce – TIP

By applying the features of blockchain to the adult industry, SugarBounce seeks to provide a revolutionary alternative for adult content creators and fanatics. A world so big, it made the internet to what it is.


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