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Quant is a technology provider, aiming to connect all the world’s distributed ledgers for faster, more efficient growth. They’ve already developed Overledger DLT gateway – the world’s first DLT gateway for enterprise that delivers interoperability across different systems, networks, and DLTs. Quant is headquartered in London, UK, building solutions that can be used worldwide.

What is Quant Network – QNT?

Quant Network’s mission is clear: ‘’To interconnect the world’s networks to blockchain and make this technology accessible to all’’. They aim to achieve this with the so-called Quant Overledger technology.

Quant Overledger is the first blockchain operating system, which sits above Blockchain and DLT’s protocol and transaction layers and consists of a filtering & ordering layer, and messaging layer. 

Quant Network Overledger

Overledger DLT Gateway allows their customers to hugely increase the return on their investments in distributed ledger technologies. Next to that it allows for more flexible development, enabling their customers to get their DLT based applications to market faster, and at lower cost.

All of this tech. is accessible through a simple API, which offers cross-chain DLT functioned to be easily used by their clients.

The Overledger Network connects all sorts of businesses and public DLT based networks with each other, connected through Overledger DLT Gateways. Because everything is connected, clients are offered massive benefits, such as access to new markets and new users across the whole network, and other systems, without compromising corporate security policies or regulation. It also allows users to create new revenue streams by making in-house DLT assets available to third party developers through a controlled and secure platform.

For in-depth information on their solutions & technology, I’d recommend you to visit the following pages on their website: Overledger Enterprise, Overledger Network Enterprise, Overledger Community Network & SeeQ.

General info about Quant Network – QNT

Quant Network’s technology provides all sorts of solutions, enabling their partners and clients to benefit from their tech. in different ways.

A full list of examples is provided on their website, although we’ll highlight a couple of them.

Example 1: Cryptocurrency Payments

This solution is suitable for companies wanting to receive or make payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Quant Network would configure DLTs to receive payments. Once the conditions set by the company are met, Overledger can automatically convert the payment to your local fiat currency on an exchange.

Example 2: Overledger for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger Fabric, and other networks

This solution is suitable for companies and developers that want to create applications on the Ethereum Network.

Overleger provides a standard API that enables you to work with the Ethereum Network. This reduces the requirement of running your own node, further lowering the entry barrier to the network.

Use case of Quant Network – QNT

Knowing all of this, why would it be interesting to purchase and hold QNT tokens?

First, the Quant Overledger Network is growing rapidly. Having followed Gilbert and the team for the past couple of years, I (Marco) feel confident their team has what it takes to create a fast-growing and profitable business. Gilbert held major positions at companies like E&Y, HSBC, BP Oil, and PWC.

Second, QNT is an ERC-20 token used throughout the network. Clients that wish to use their technology have to obtain an annual license. On top of the license fee, clients need to hold a minimum number of QNT tokens to use the application(s). As the number of clients / users continues to grow, so will the use and demand of the QNT token.

Third, Quant Network landed major partnerships, with companies such as Sia, Oracle, HyperLedger and Amazon Web Services.

Where to buy and sell Quant Network – QNT?

What do we think about Quant Network – QNT?

In all honesty, I haven’t been following Quant the past couple of months. However, I’ve been involved with Quant for community management in the past during their TGE. During this time period, I’ve experienced their internal and external communication. Both are very well-organised and professional.

Gilbert knows how to run a business, and with partners and technology like theirs it’s clear the company is here to stay (and grow). Their technology is the first in the world, and captures a major market opportunity.

Quant QNT Ticker

Conclusion about Quant Network – QNT

I’m currently not holding any QNT tokens. However, it’s currently trading at a support level against BTC at 0.00066 (QNT/BTC). I might therefore purchase some tokens in the near future, to hold for long-term.


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