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Merit Circle – BEAM

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In this coin report, we highlight the workings of the Merit Circle DAO, a decentralized entity that is seeking to revolutionize the metaverse gaming scene. Boasting a $110M+ treasury, the organization is channeling funds into its own ecosystem that focuses on all related play-to-earn games and NFTs. How are they doing this, and what does BEAM have to do with this? We’ll take a look.

What is Merit Circle – BEAM?

The Merit Circle DAO is pioneering a digital ecosystem designed by a global community that aims to redefine the future of gaming. With a strong foothold in the web3 domain, this organization is dedicated to infusing the boundless potential of blockchain with gaming innovations to create unparalleled immersive experiences.

How Will Merit Circle DAO Change the Gaming Landscape?

Merit Circle DAO is poised to ignite a technological revolution by integrating blockchain into gameplay, altering the traditional dynamics between games and players. The utilization of blockchain will enable true ownership for users, allowing the collective, rather than solely developers, to possess games. This paradigm shift promises to bring about a transformation where the effort and skills gamers invest can convert into tangible ownership.

Introducing Beam: What Is It and How Does It Shape the Future of Gaming?

Beam is an open-source blockchain explicitly engineered for the gaming universe. It stands as an ecosystem that alleviates the complexities associated with game development while substantially elevating the player’s experience. Beam is not just a set of tools for gamers and developers; it is a vision that seeks to permeate through various gaming communities and studios.

What Are the Key Components of the Beam Network?

  • Beam Companion App: A mobile application for web3 gamers on the Beam network, enabling them to monitor their gaming assets and statistics with ease. Available for iOS and Android.
  • Sphere: This is Beam’s NFT marketplace, where gaming assets can be traded.
  • Beam Hub: A discovery platform for new games and tournaments.
  • Beam SDK: An invisible layer that empowers developers to create with flexibility, offering various tools and leaving the choice to developers about what to adopt.


How Does Beam Empower Game Developers and Players?

Beam is the ultimate destination for game developers looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their creations. For gamers eager to delve into the web3 space, Beam, powered by the $BEAM token, facilitates all transactions within the network, putting the focus back on the player’s experience.

Who Are the Partners of Merit Circle DAO?

Merit Circle DAO has established partnerships with prominent names in the industry, such as Avalanche, Polygon, Immutable, and several others, signaling the project’s robust collaborative framework.

Merit Circle Partners

This review of Merit Circle – BEAM was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about Merit Circle – BEAM

The Merit Circle has outlined different duties for everyone within the DAO which will enable them to bridge the gap between gamers, DAO contributors and educators. 


Not only does The Merit Circle host gamers, it also helps them in improving their abilities in a particular game. By providing hosting classes and educational content they lay their focus on enhancing the performance of their players. 

They also offer one of the best in-game assets, by enabling people to play games and earn rewards without having to make any up-front investment. This significantly lowers the barrier for people who’d like to become a Play-to-earn – P2E player. Already, the platform managed to create a fast-growing and helpful community for fellow gamers. Where top performing players can become coach and earn an additional incentive. This will result in a revenue among the top of all guilds.


Merit Circle has managers who oversee daily operations and are there to unite different gamers across the globe. Anyone can become a manager by actively contributing to the DAO or by being one of the top gamers.

Managers have various benefits such as earning additional rewards, based on their performance and the option to switch between multiple games, tools, and scripts to optimize their workflow. 

Merit Circle DAO

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on building the future of blockchain gaming. As a DAO, Merit Circle is governed in a decentralized manner by its community of token holders.

How does the Merit Circle DAO work?

The Merit Circle DAO utilizes the $BEAM token for voting on proposals. Anyone who holds BEAM can vote on governance proposals through Snapshot, the DAO’s preferred voting platform. Proposals cover a wide range of topics related to the strategic direction and operations of the DAO. If a proposal passes the voting threshold, it is binding on the DAO to enact.

How can someone get involved in the Merit Circle DAO?

There are a few main ways community members can get involved with Merit Circle:

  1. Hold the $BEAM governance token – this provides voting rights on proposals
  2. Participate in discussions on the governance forum
  3. Stake $BEAM tokens to earn yield and governance power
  4. Apply for grants to fund blockchain gaming related projects
  5. Work with the core contributors as an core team member or contractor


Merit Circle prioritizes community involvement and decentralized governance. Having an active, passionate community will help realize the vision of an open and sustainable gaming ecosystem on blockchain.

Verticals of Merit Circle


The infrastructure vertical of Merit Circle DAO focuses on developing foundational elements for gaming innovation, such as the Beam network and the Sphere NFT marketplace. These are essential tools for enhancing the gaming experience and fostering the growth of the DAO’s gaming ecosystem.


The studios vertical serves as an incubator for creative gaming projects. By leveraging the DAO’s resources, expertise, and community, this vertical aims to develop and publish new game concepts, drive value to the Beam ecosystem, and partner with web3 and non-web3 entities to launch groundbreaking projects.

Merit Circle Grants

Merit Circle Grants empower community members by providing them with opportunities to contribute to the DAO’s development. This program taps into the diverse skills and expertise within the DAO to foster growth and innovation.


The gaming vertical is at the heart of Merit Circle DAO, reflecting its deep connection with the gaming industry. This vertical aims to enrich the gaming experience through blockchain technology, host competitive gaming events, promote community involvement in game development, and drive traffic to the DAO’s NFT marketplace.

Beam Hub

Beam Hub is a platform targeting both early access and competitive gamers. It aims to introduce gamers to the DAO’s ecosystem in an engaging manner and provide competitive opportunities through tournaments and collaborations with other games.

Merit Circle Gaming Academy

The Gaming Academy is an educational initiative within Beam Hub, designed to empower gamers by providing them with the knowledge and tools to enhance their gaming skills.


The investment vertical manages the DAO’s treasury, focusing on venture, token, equity, and NFT investments to ensure long-term, risk-adjusted returns. It seeks to grow the treasury while maintaining transparency, operational efficiency, and capital efficiency.

Treasury Management

Treasury management involves transparent reporting and strategic asset liquidation to support the DAO’s financial health and ecosystem growth. This includes public quarterly reports and a structured strategy for liquidating assets to ensure the treasury’s growth and sustainability.

Team and Roadmap

The vision for the project was founded in the year 2020 and incubated by Flow Ventures. The team forming Merit Circle includes gaming and cryptocurrency experts. The founder of the project and CEO is Marco van den Heuvel who previously worked for Presearch and various other blockchain projects. 

Meanwhile he has grown to a well-known name in the blockchain community. Tommy Quite will take the role of the CFO and is the Co-founder of Flow Ventures. Mark Borsten is the COO and partner with Flow Ventures and has experience in the finance industry.

MC token was fair-launched on the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool – BLBP on Copperlaunch. Which broke all previous records, raising an incredible $105,576,956 million within the timespan of 72 hours. The project is currently on track with its roadmap, where they aim to get in more gamers and include more games. The vibrant community has reached more than 64,0

Use case of Merit Circle – BEAM

The BEAM token is the lifeblood of the Beam network. It operates as the essential crypto asset that users need to interact with the myriad of features offered by Beam. The token facilitates not just the transfer of assets but also enables dynamic interactions with smart contracts integral to the Beam network. 

beam uti

How Does the Beam Network Empower Gamers and Developers?

Beam is an ecosystem where the imaginations of gamers and the creativity of developers converge. One of the cornerstone features of Beam is the Beam SDK. This software development kit offers unprecedented flexibility, providing developers with a selection of tools to create and manage in-game blockchain elements. 

Token Migration: How to Migrate Your MC to BEAM

Migrating your MC tokens to BEAM is a simple process. Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Head to the migration website

Go to to start the migration process. Verify you are on the official website before proceeding.

Step 2 – Connect your wallet

Connect the wallet that holds your $MC tokens. You can connect via MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet or any other wallet that supports Ethereum.

Step 3 – Click “Migrate”

Once connected, the page will detect your $MC balance. Review the amount of $BEAM tokens you will receive in exchange. Click the “Migrate” button to initiate the transaction.

Step 4 – Verify the transaction

Your wallet will prompt you to verify the migration transaction. Check the details and confirm in your wallet.

Step 5 – Migration complete!

After blockchain verification, your $MC tokens will be burned and you will receive an equivalent amount of $BEAM tokens in your wallet. Your migration is now complete.

Beam Migration

Where to buy and sell Merit Circle – BEAM?

What do we think about Merit Circle – BEAM?

Merit Circle wants to be the big player in the GameFi world. It doesn’t want to be a cog in the system, it wants to be the wheel. A bigger ambition than can become a reality. With a big war chest and many partnerships it is entrenched deep in the crypto gaming industry.

The platform DAO has survived the previous bear market and braces itself to launch all its efforts in the next bull market. As a partner we don’t only hope they will succeed but are invested (mentally) in their success. Let’s all cheer for Merit Circle.

How Can You Access More In-Depth Information About Merit Circle DAO and Beam?

For those seeking comprehensive details about the Merit Circle DAO and the Beam network, the organization provides a gitbook, a rich resource for anyone interested in diving deeper into their ecosystem.

Merit Circle – BEAM conclusion

Merit Circle DAO, with its Beam network, is setting the stage for an unprecedented transformation in the gaming industry. By putting ownership in the hands of the players and offering developers innovative tools to integrate blockchain, they are not just building games; they are crafting the future of interactive entertainment. Embrace the change and be a part of this gaming revolution.


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