KuKachu – KUKA

KuKachu Kuka afbeelding

KuKachu – KUKA crypto

KuKachu – KUKA is a community driven memecoin that encourages holders to buy, hold and eventually stake KUKA tokens in exchange for lottery tickets. HODL’ers will earn weekly tickets in a future developed community “pool” that will give them a chance to win an electric Tesla. Train & HODL!

What is KuKachu – KUKA?

KuKachu is a memecoin that was inspired by the famous Pokemon, Pikachu. The token was created by an anonymous coder who combined some features of Safemoon with newly created elements. 

New additions such as; an automatic burn mechanism, an automatic buy mechanism and a protection mechanism against bots and dumps form a newly written smart contract that is fully gas-optimized.

What KuKachu is trying to accomplish is to provide a reward program for the KUKA holders. By proposing a chance to win a symbolic reward in the form of a Tesla car that loves electricity as much as Pikachu. 

General info about KuKachu – KUKA

How is the KuKachu – KUKA protocol constructed?

The KuKachu code was developed by an anonymous developer who was surprised by his own result, after seeing the test script. On top of that, the functions of KuKachu were audited by the auditing company TechRate.

The following functions belong to the underlying code of KuKachu.

Anti-Whale manipulation: To prevent large players from trying to manipulate the KUKA price, the coin has two different mechanisms built in. An underlying code will ensure that no one can sell more than 0.05% of the total supply and no single wallet can own more than 1% of the total KUKA stock.
Protection from Bots: No one is able to sell their KuKachu coins until 24 hours after launch. This mechanism was built in to prevent possible dumps from bots or early investors. Purchases that happen via smart contracts are also rejected as this usually indicates bot activity making quick profits.
Dump Prevention: Through a fixed cooldown period that starts after the selling of KUKA coins, the seller will not be able to sell more KUKA for timespan of 2 hours.


KuKachu is a token with hyper-deflationary model, which rewards investors for holding KUKA and punishes them for selling it.

Total offer: 100,000,000,000 (100%)
Offer for PancakeSwap: 10,000,000,000 (10%)
Supply to whitelist: 30.000.000 (30%)

The KUKA token is whitelisted at $0.0000002.

The total initial market capital consists of $80.000, of which; 10% is available on PancakeSwap. 30% is reserved for Whitelist participants. 60% will be funneled (burned) at launch.

Tax Program

KuKachu will collect taxes on every transaction, which will be used to reward holders, grow the Tesla wallet and burn some of the stock. The taxes will happen in the following way;

Per transaction KuKachu will receive a tax of 12%, of which:

1% of each transaction will be burned
1% of each transaction will go to the developer
2% of each transaction will go to Kukachu marketing
4% of each transaction will go to the Tesla wallet
2% of every transaction will be distributed to all KuKachu holders
2% of every transaction will automatically contribute to generating liquidity on Pancakeswap

When selling KUKA, the protocol will deducts a 16% tax. This contains the standard transaction tax of 12% and an additional 4% tax that will be used to buy back and burn the token.


For a detailed explanation of the KuKachu protocol we would like to refer you to the information page of the protocol.


The team at KuKachu is constantly looking for new opportunities. They write on their website there looking to build relationships with potential partners from the NFT and Gaming sectors. This could indicate a future for KUKA coin in one of these sectors.

Also, the KuKachu smart contract will be implemented on multiple blockchains in the future. This will broaden the scope of the project. Possible extensions would be on KoffeeSwap on KCC, Uniswap on Ethereum, Quickswap on Polygon.

Use case of KuKachu – KUKA

Kukachu will be used to obtain lottery tickets for the Tesla lottery. 

Holders of KUKA will receive these tickets by staking (training) the KUKA or providing liquidity to the pool. The more lottery tickets a user owns, the greater the chance of winning a Tesla. 

Participants will need to keep their KUKA coins if they do not want to risk losing their lottery tickets. 

When the Tesla wallet reaches the actual value of the Tesla car lottery pool event will kick-off.

The funding of the Tesla wallet will be done through a special tax program that deducts a certain percentage on each transaction (4%). The more transactions that take place, the faster the Tesla wallet will grow. 

The electric Tesla is much more than a symbolic reward. It will ensure that KUKA holders are incentivized to stake their tokens and grow the platform. 

The Tesla lottery will be completely transparent ‘on-chain’.

Where to buy and sell KuKachu – KUKA?

KuKachu – KUKA can be bought and sold on the PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Social Media Kukachu – KUKA

Telegram I & Telegram II

What do we think about KuKachu – KUKA?

For memecoin collectors and Pokémon fans, Kukachu is the perfect coin. The project tells not to be a pump & dump and supports this assumption with several features like the anti-bot function and fixed lock-up period.

In this, KUKA holders have to wait for a time before they can sell their coins and potentially want to manipulate the market.

For now, the coin will only be used to generate lottery tickets for the Tesla lottery. Which will launch when a certain amount will be reached in the KuKachu’s Tesla wallet.

The future will tell how KuKachu will develop and what faith it awaits.

KuKachu Kuka afbeelding

Conclusion about KuKachu – KUKA

The token Kukachu which was based on the Pokémon Pikachu will be used to participate in the Tesla lottery. With different future use cases, Kukachu is a new memecoin to launch on September 1, 2021.


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