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Decentralized options exchanges are a relatively small but growing part of the crypto market. They offer a non-custodial alternative to traditional options exchanges like Deribit, which currently dominates the market. They are well-suited for adoption due to the failure of custodians like FTX and Deribit’s lack of transparency.

What is DOPEX – DPX?

Dopex is a decentralized options exchange that allows users to bet on or against crypto volatility. It offers two main products for this purpose: Single Staking Option Vaults (SSOVs) and Atlantic Straddle vaults. SSOVs simplify and automate the process of writing options, while Atlantic Straddle vaults allow users to bet on the movement of a particular asset without requiring a deep understanding of options. These products may have complex names, but they can be simplified for a general audience to understand.  

This review of DOPEX – DPX was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about DOPEX – DPX

What 2 types of Option vaults are there on Dopex? 

SSOV or Single Staking Option Vault

Single Staking Option Vaults (SSOVs) on Dopex are designed to simplify and automate the process of “writing options” for users, allowing them to act as options writers. In this context, writing options refers to the process of selling options contracts to buyers. When a buyer purchases an option, they pay a premium in return, which is a part of the yield earned by the options writer. Dopex also injects DPX incentives into each SSOV vault.


  • Vaults sell options to option buyers
  • Buyers pay “premium” in return, which is a part of your yield
  • Dopex also injects $DPX incentives into each vault.

Atlantic Straddle Vaults

Atlantic Straddle Vaults on Dopex are a combination of the Atlantic Options and Straddle Strategy. Atlantic Options allow users (option buyers) to borrow collateral from the contract for other utilities prior to expiration. The Straddle Strategy involves holding both a call and a put option on the same strike price at the same expiration date.


Atlantic Options are a unique type of financial instrument that combines the features of a European-style option with a fixed exercise date and the ability to access value when the option is in the money. These options are managed at the smart contract level by Dopex, allowing for flexibility in the movement of collateral as needed. This can be especially useful in situations where a traditional leveraged position, such as a perpetual contract, may be at risk of liquidation due to market movements. By pairing an Atlantic Option with a put option, investors can potentially limit their loss potential while still being able to profit when the underlying asset increases in value.


One interesting aspect of Atlantic Straddles is that they allow users to bet on the movement of a particular asset without requiring a deep understanding of options. The user simply needs to focus on what they are betting on and their break-even price. For example, a buyer may bet that the price of the asset will move in either direction (betting on volatility), while a seller may bet that the price of the asset won’t move much (betting against volatility). The “Atlantics” feature of the product allows the seller to not lose money if the price goes up, essentially allowing them to bet only that the price won’t go down.


Check out the white paper here


Use case of DOPEX – DPX

The dApp has 2 native tokens: DPX and rDPX.

Dopex has a dual token model, with two distinct tokens: DPX and rDPX.

  • DPX is the main governance token for the Dopex protocol. It earns emissions through staking, receives a portion of the protocol’s revenue (fees from purchasing options)
  • rDPX, on the other hand, is a rebate token that is given to liquidity providers (LPs) who lose money in the vault. It can be used as collateral, and will play an important role in the upcoming version 2 of the Dopex protocol as part of the stablecoin DPXUSD (which is composed of 75% USDC and 25% rDPX).

It seems that the ultimate goal for Dopex is to enable more synthetic assets (such as oil and gold) with multiple strategies using DPXUSD and options. This could potentially expand the range of products and services offered by the protocol.

Where to buy and sell DOPEX – DPX?

What do we think about DOPEX – DPX?

It’s not clear from the information provided how early Dopex is in its development or adoption. However, the low number of rDPX (694 holders) and DPX (2286 holders) holders could indicate that Dopex is still in the early stages. It’s important to keep in mind that the number of holders does not necessarily reflect the overall adoption or success of a project.

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DOPEX – DPX conclusion

DPX is the governance token for the Dopex protocol. It has a value accrual system for stakers and a governance system for managing incentives. From a market perspective, DPX has become an options-index token. If you believe that options are here to stay and have confidence in the capabilities of the Dopex team, you may consider holding DPX as a way to participate in the growth of the options market.


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