Chiliz – CHZ

Sports is one of the biggest markets on earth. Combine this with blockchain technology and you have a rock-solid combination. Why? Because the coin Chiliz – CHZ has a platform called Socios. Socios is a tokenized platform where sport fans can vote on the decisions of their favorite teams.

What is Chiliz – CHZ?

Chiliz aims to transform the passive relationship between sports, sports clubs and their global fan bases using tokenization. In other words, it is a platform in which fans of a specific club are involved and with which you can influence certain decisions of your favorite team. According to their official Medium channel, the CHZ token is a digital currency for “sports tokenization that enables the world’s first scalable app for fan engagement and rewards where fans can buy and trade branded tokens and vote in club-centric surveys and polls.”

The company, founded in Malta in 2018, aims to offer millions of sports and esports fans a token that allows them to purchase a symbolic “share of influence” in their favorite clubs. And this token in turn feeds, their consumer-facing platform where fans can use their fan tokens to participate in polls and surveys and be rewarded for active engagement.

What to imagine? Juventus fans chose which ‘goal tune’ would be used and fans of Apollon Limassol decided the lineup for a practice match. And they won 6-0. Chiliz has also announced a partnership in the Netherlands: Fortuna Sittard is the first Dutch soccer club to have its own token ($FOR).

This review of Chiliz – CHZ was created for informational purposes. This article is not intended for promotion.

General info about Chiliz – CHZ

What sports are affiliated with Chiliz?

Chiliz is pushing hard. Soccer clubs? They’ve got it. Formula 1? Same thing. Esports, cricket, UFC and the National Hockey League? In all these disciplines there is at least one party on board. And with an investment of 50 million euros, Chiliz wants to further conquer the American sports market.

For example, Chiliz has released a fan token for:

  • $ARG (Argentina)
  • $BAR (FC Barcelona)
  • $CITY (Manchester City) 
  • $ACM (AC Milan)
  • $GAL (Galatasaray)
  • $PSG (Paris Saint-Germain)
  • $ALA (Alanyaspor)
  • $AM (Cognizant Formula One™ Team)
  • $SAUBER (Alfa Romeo Racing)

the CEO points out they have big plans for soccer club (fan) tokens, on Twitter on May 28, 2021:

Use case of Chiliz – CHZ

Chiliz in a nutshell:

  • CHZ  is a utility token for sports and entertainment. CHZ can be purchased on various exchanges and on
  • CHZ is used to purchase fan tokens through a “fan token offering – FTO. This is done exclusively through These tokens entitle fans to exert influence.
  • The fan tokens can also be traded. The value of a fan token depends on supply and demand.
  • Fan tokens use an Ethereum-based Proof-of-Authority chain, the Chiliz Chain.

Chiliz brings sports and their fans closer together. Have you ever wanted to participate in decisions of your favorite sports team? Thanks to fan tokens, now you can. Fan tokens are cryptocurrencies that are specific to a team or a club. And just by holding these tokens, fans can participate in all activities and games organized by their club. The main coin $CHZ is thus a catalyst for all fan tokens and the value of the Chiliz company in general.

Team & Roadmap

The founder, Alexander Dreyfus, is a serial entrepreneur with more than 22 years of experience building and developing tech companies. For example, he pioneered webcity, one of the first tourism guides on the Internet. An acquisition by Yelp caused Dreyfus to focus on online poker (and sold those companies) and now focuses primarily on Chiliz. To further stimulate blockchain innovation, Dreyfus founded the Chiliz Blockchain Campus.

The team counts the following members:



For 2021, Chiliz has the following plans:

  • Opening new offices:
    • In Turkey: an important market for Chiliz. It is expected that several Turkish clubs will join Chiliz.
    • In a European location to be determined: with the expectation of having more soccer clubs be part of Chiliz.
    • Brazil: to better serve the Latin American (soccer) market.
  • Listing on Coinbase Custody: for the wealthy American customer.
  • Gamification: in the app of socios you can hunt tokens by going to a certain location. Sometimes you get a $CHZ or fan token, usually a $SSU Loyalty token. This allows fans to purchase yet-to-be-determined exclusive items from their favorite club.
  • Linking your bank account to the Socios app. When fans use their debit cards to purchase items from the club and/or sponsors, they get $CHZ tokens as a reward.
  • And of course connecting multiple clubs to different types of sports.

Where to buy and sell Chiliz – CHZ?

What do we think about Chiliz – CHZ?

Due to a combination of continued growth in the sports market and more than enough potential for sports clubs not yet affiliated to join Chiliz, Chiliz has good growt potential. The team has set aside a fair amount of money in 2021 to make this happen. In the longer term, therefore, the potential seems great.

Because Chiliz is a sports token, major sporting events affect its price. For example, one day before the start of the European Football Championship (EURO 2020), the coin price rose by 40%. Logically, other major sporting events, such as the South America Cup (Copa America), the World Cup (FIFA World Cup) will affect the daily price of Chilliz. In addition, winning a national championship, Champions league or Europa League for fan tokens will again affect the price.

Chiliz – CHZ conclusion

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This report was written by Johan Boons, who’s an active CryptoBieb/YourCryptoLibrary community member.


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