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What is Ark?

Ark aims to remove the barriers to enter the blockchain space posed by complex technology, and wants to accelerate adoption of the technology woldwide. Ark wants to achieve this with an ecosystem in which multiple blockchains built within ARK Core code can link together, or work independently on an easily scalable and flexible network.

Ark is decentralized by using Delegated-Proof-Of-Stake (DPoS) in which 51 delegates are responsible for running the network. These delegates get rewarded with block rewards. Delegates (often) share these rewards with ARK Token holders who use their tokens to vote for this delegate within the Ark Wallet (ARK Wallet | ARK Blockchain).

General info about Ark

The Ark Wallet and Voting for Delegates

Voting for a delegate is very easy to do, via either the desktop or mobile wallet. Rewards for voting differ per delegate you vote for, some share more rewards than others. I used to vote for delegates and received a return of about 9.85% anually.

Wallets can be downloaded from the official Ark website. For desktop the wallet is available on Windows, iOS and Linux. Both Android and iOS are supported for the mobile wallet. Find the wallets at: ARK Wallet | ARK Blockchain

The Team

The team currently consists of 38 team members from 12 different countries. The team is divided between the executive team, senior managers, development team, marketing & design, communications, advisors and advocates.

A full list of all team members, and their experience (LinkedIn) can be found at Team | ARK Blockchain.

Roadmap & Recent Updates

The Ark Team offers a detailed roadmap that shows everything that’s being worked on, and what its current progress is. It includes both developments that have been completed, and developments that are still in progress. Find the full roadmap at: ARK Roadmap | ARK Blockchain.

Ark also offers monthly updates to keep its token holders and community involved. Binance recently announced to be supporting staking ARK within their platform. ARK is also the first blockchain company to be incorporated in France as a cooperative society (SCIC). I recommend anyone that is interested in Ark’s influence in France to check out their April report: Monthly Update — April 2020 Edition. The April report also gives good insights in what’s coming up next.

Use case of Ark

Where to buy and sell Ark?

What do we think about Ark?

I’ve always seen a lot of potential in Ark, and find it unfortunate to have seen their price decrease so much the past year. I’m currently not holding any ARK, as my portfolio is mainly in USDT right now. I’m still anticipating an overall drop in the market and have lower buy orders on BTC which will eventually be put into altcoins. I am however still actively following the project, and will most likely hold ARK again in the future to participate in their network.

Voting for delegates provides a solid return, that is very pleasant for a token that is meant to be held long-term. The ARK Team is killing it at communication, and has a very active community. This combined with the experience within their team, makes it very reasonable to think that ARK will soon again be in the top-100 projects (currently #170).

I’m looking forward to everything the team will develop, and I’m looking forward to seeing more partners onboard their network.

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Conclusion about Ark


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