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Aladdin DAO – ALD

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Are you tired of the same old, unreliable asset management options in the crypto space? Introducing AladdinDAO, the revolutionary protocol that puts the power back in the hands of the community. Through a process called collective value discovery, AladdinDAO empowers a collective group of individuals to make informed investment decisions, rather than leaving all the control in the hands of a select few traditional asset managers. Let’s take a look.

What is Aladdin DAO – ALD?

AladdinDAO is a decentralized platform that aims to shift the control of cryptocurrency investments from venture capitalists to a collective group of individuals through a process called collective value discovery. The platform has a group of experts in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) called the AladdinDAO Boule, which identifies promising DeFi projects and allows community members to benefit from the returns generated through their liquidity mining programs. This aims to reduce the information asymmetry and improve asset allocation in the DeFi space.

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General info about Aladdin DAO – ALD

Use case of Aladdin DAO – ALD

What is Concentrator – CTR?

Concentrator is a tool offered by AladdinDAO that maximizes the annual percentage yield (APY) earned on Convex vaults, which are investment vehicles that allow users to earn returns on their cryptocurrency holdings. By using Concentrator, users can increase their Convex yields by 20% or more without having to actively manage their investments. Instead, they can simply deposit their funds into a Convex vault and allow Concentrator to handle the rest. The tool takes a 10% fee on yields earned during the harvesting process, which is shared between CTR lockers and the Concentrator treasury. Each Convex vault also has its own withdrawal fee, which is distributed to other depositors in the vault.

CTR Tokenomics

What is CLever?

CLever is a tool that allows users to automatically earn yields on their CVX tokens and claim their future yields in advance. It automates the process of earning yield with CVX by handling tasks such as locking, voting, collecting bribes, and re-locking in Convex as needed. By using CLever, users can claim 50% of their future yields at no cost and can swap their clevCVX for CVX using the Curve liquidity pool. 

CLever also allows users to create leverage by depositing their CVX and claiming and swapping even more, up to a maximum of approximately 2 times their initial deposit. 

CTR Yield

When a user wants to withdraw their locked CVX, they can make an unlock request. The requested CVX will be available for withdrawal when it is unlocked from Convex, which can take up to 17 weeks. If a user wants to continue earning yields, their CVX will be automatically re-locked after each unlock. 

The process of claiming future yields with CLever can be thought of as borrowing, with the locked CVX serving as collateral. CLever loans have a fixed funding cost and do not require the use of an oracle price feed to monitor loan health, which reduces risk. Users can repay their claimed future yields at any time, but an early repayment fee may be applied. 

Concentrator Explained

Where to buy and sell Aladdin DAO – ALD?


What do we think about Aladdin DAO – ALD?

The goal of Aladdin DAO is to create programs that help to maximize yield on Convex. However, there are some potential challenges that may arise. One issue that may arise is liquidity, as the demand for and availability of certain assets can fluctuate. This can impact the ability to buy or sell assets at desired prices and may affect the overall performance of. Additionally, there may be issues with market fit, as the success of the platform may depend on the adoption and use of the CLever program by a significant number of users.

Alladin DAO -LOGO

Aladdin DAO – ALD conclusion

AladdinDAO is a decentralized platform that aims to give control of cryptocurrency investments back to the community through a process called collective value discovery. Concentrator and CLever are both tools offered by AladdinDAO that maximize the annual percentage yield earned or claim future yields on Convex.


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