The Merge is Finalized: Where to trade ETHPOW?

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The Merge is Finalized: Where to trade ETHPOW?

‘And we finalized! Happy merge all.’ was the official tweet of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. A big moment for Ethereum as it becomes fully Proof Of Stake and thereby reduces its energy consumption 99.95% and gains the ability to add more scaling solutions.

But this isn’t the end, check out what the Merge won’t fix…

Where to trade ETHW?

Everyone was expecting a pump or dump after the go-live merge announcement. But everything went smooth and markets are going sideways.Too bad for speculators left and right, or is it? Several exchanges have launched representatives of the ‘original’ Proof of Work chain.

Users who want to speculate on the ETHPW coin of the ETHPoW fork can do so on FTX. Where the ETHW represents the potential ETH proof-of-work – PoW token. But note that if such a token doesn’t eMERGE it may lose much of its value and settle to zero. 


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