Phantom Adds Support for Ethereum and Polygon

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Phantom Adds Support for Ethereum and Polygon
Phantom, the popular self-custodial wallet for Solana-based decentralized applications and NFTs, has added simultaneous support for Ethereum and Polygon networks, providing a seamless multichain experience for its users. This update simplifies the management of multiple accounts and assets across different blockchains

What is Phantom wallet?

Phantom is a popular mobile and browser wallet that offers self-custody of digital assets. It was created to simplify the management of multiple accounts and assets across various blockchain networks. The new update allows Phantom users to simultaneously access Ethereum and Polygon networks on its mobile app and browser wallets. This means that users can now interact with dApps across the Web3 landscape, including Magic Eden, Uniswap, Aave, blur, and OpenSea, without the need to switch between wallets.

How does the update benefit users?

The update simplifies the management of multiple accounts and assets across different blockchains, removing the requirement to switch between wallets. Users can also import existing MetaMask, Solana, and EVM wallets. The Phantom wallet provides a seamless multichain experience, making it the premier choice for users as crypto continues to go multichain.

What are the future plans for Phantom?

Phantom plans to introduce instant NFT sales and develop a bridge to enable the transfer of assets between the Solana and Ethereum networks. The company is committed to providing its users with the tools and resources they need to easily navigate and transact across various blockchain networks.

Who can use Phantom wallet?

Anyone can use the Phantom wallet, and it has onboarded over 100,000 users since its Ethereum and Polygon support beta last fall. Phantom offers an easy-to-use self-custodial wallet that is essential as an alternative to centralized exchanges and companies that handle sensitive user data. In light of a rise in phishing and scam attacks on NFT holders, Phantom has stepped up its security measures. The company has scanned over 85 million transactions and blocked over 18,000 wallet-draining transactions. The wallet offers multiple secret recovery phrases, making it easy to import all of your wallets in seconds.

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