PancakeSwap V3: In the footsteps of Uniswap V3

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PancakeSwap V3: In the footsteps of Uniswap V3

PancakeSwap V3 is the latest version of the popular decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap. It is a fork of Uniswap V3 with various enhancements aimed at improving the user experience.

What are the improvements in PancakeSwap V3?

PancakeSwap V3 offers several improvements compared to its previous version and Uniswap V3, such as:

  • An automatic position manager that allows for 1-click liquidity depositing and maintenance of liquidity within the range to earn fees and farming rewards effortlessly.
  • An automatic APR display that provides V3 liquidity providers (LPs) real-time APR figures based on liquidity, historical volume, and position configurations, eliminating the need for third-party tools.
  • An improved ROI calculator that enables V3 LPs to estimate yields and impermanent loss, allowing easy position adjustments without complex, time-consuming calculations.
  • An advanced built-in limit order (coming soon).
  • Routing liquidity via the V3, V2, StableSwap, or market makers.
  • Support for various trading fee tiers: 0.01%, 0.05%, 0.25%, and 1%.
V2 and V3 difference

How does PancakeSwap V3 compare to Uniswap V3?

PancakeSwap V3 is a fork of Uniswap V3, but it offers several unique features aimed at improving the user experience. While both DEXes offer concentrated liquidity, PancakeSwap V3’s automatic position manager allows for 1-click liquidity depositing and effortless maintenance, while Uniswap V3’s LPs need to actively manage their positions. 

Also, PancakeSwap V3 offers various trading fee tiers, while Uniswap V3 offers only one.

What are the benefits of PancakeSwap V3?

PancakeSwap V3 offers several benefits for users, such as improved user experience, the newest trading features discussed above and smaller price range positions with higher yield relative shares and more CAKE rewards.

Is PancakeSwap V3 live on Binance Smart Chain?

Yes, PancakeSwap V3 is already live on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. It was launched on April second at 18:00 UTC.


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