Google becomes Validator on Tezos Network

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Google becomes Validator on Tezos Network

The entry of tech giants like Google into the blockchain space is generally seen as bullish for the crypto markets, as it signals growing interest and adoption of blockchain technology.

Google and Tezos

In a major development, Google Cloud has announced that it will become a validator on the Tezos network. This move highlights the growing interest of tech giants in blockchain and Web3 projects. As a validator, Google Cloud will enable its enterprise customers to deploy Tezos nodes to create Web3 applications on the network.

Google and Ethereum

Google recently launched its Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node hosting service for Ethereum projects. With this service, Google will be responsible for monitoring the activity of nodes and restarting them during outages. This move demonstrates Google’s commitment to creating Web3 projects and shows its interest in the digital asset sector. Google also partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to provide cryptocurrency payments for its cloud services.

Google is also a Validator on Solana

In November, Google Cloud announced that it was running a Solana validator that produces blocks to join and validate the network. This move caused Solana’s native SOL token to rise by 15%. The announcement also highlighted the potential of tech giants like Google in the blockchain space.


Google Cloud’s entry into the blockchain space is a significant development that reflects the growing interest of tech giants in Web3 projects. The company’s involvement in blockchain networks like Tezos, Ethereum, and Solana could inspire confidence in other companies interested in investing in the sector, knowing they can use the infrastructure with the resilience provided by companies like Google. Do you think this is bullish or bearish for crypto markets in general when a behemoth such as Google is investing


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