From Black Box to Open-Source: The AI Revolution in Blockchain

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From Black Box to Open-Source: The AI Revolution in Blockchain

Artificial intelligence (AI) has risen as a dominant force, shaping the future of various industries, especially when combined with blockchain technology. This means crypto players are starting to find ways to exploit AI to create innovative solutions within the blockchain space.

However, in the midst of these innovations, concerns about AI transparency and ethical considerations persist. This article dives into the importance of open-source AI and blockchain’s role in it…

What Defines Bad AI?

Bad AI, so to speak, is often characterized by a lack of transparency. It operates as a ‘black box,’ where the internal workings and the data used for training the model are not disclosed. This lack of openness raises ethical concerns and is a common trait within closed-source AI systems.

AI can be termed as the imitation of human intelligence capabilities by machines, particularly computer systems.” Over the years AI has evolved to witness the emergence of new models that aren’t open at all, mostly termed as ‘bad AI’.

To counter these perceived ‘bad’ elements of AI, solutions need to be found. Solutions that could be facilitated by blockchain.

Tapping into Open-Source AI

Open-source AI involves the application of open-source software (OSS) in the modification of machine learning, large language models, and chatbots. This allows the availability of AI algorithms, training datasets, and models to the general public, allowing them to use, modify, and improve them. The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is the open-sourceness of Bitcoin.

Is Openness the Key to AI Safety?

When it comes to AI safety, many big tech CEOs argue that the issue must be managed internally to protect the world from potentially unsafe models. Yes, we know that closed-source projects are attacked less frequently, but this approach has cons as well. This is because it suggests that a relatively small group of experts working in a private context can solve this problem.

A contrasting view of transparency and open collaboration advocates for something else – a situation where a multitude of engineers can contribute to making AI safe. Open AI. An Idea envisioned by Elon Musk himself.

Open-Source AI Models and Transparency

Open-sourcing AI models is a critical step toward resolving the transparency issue. By allowing AI algorithms, models, and training datasets for public use, they can understand and verify their operations.

However, simply open-sourcing AI is not sufficient for a secure AI future. This is because reliance on centralized service providers still can create vulnerabilities, such as outages that disrupt access to AI services.

One key evidence of this scenario is events like the temporary shutdown of Hugging Face, a leading open-source AI platform. In a situation like this where servers go down, users cannot access their models or the platform itself, leading to a potential choke point in AI decentralization.

What Does a Decentralized AI System Look Like?

A decentralized AI (DAI) system (which differs from MakerDAO’s DAI) is an AI model where users interact with a fully sovereign operating system facilitated by blockchain technology. This system allows users to manage personal data privately, facilitate transactions, and generate individualized experiences.

One key component that identifies a decentralized AI is edge intelligence. This is the capability of an AI model to analyze data and run inference directly on the user’s device, keeping private data secure and not dependent on a central entity.

This capability has witnessed compelling use cases in sectors such as cab companies for autonomous car systems, and predictive healthcare.

More than Just Hype

When we talk about the blend of AI and Web 3.0, it’s common to question whether this is simply a passing trend or something with real substance. Web3 is positioned as the next phase of the internet’s evolution.

A phase of decentralization accelerated by blockchain technology. With the emergence of decentralized AI mechanisms, a collaboration between Web3 and AI is for sure one with a huge promise if we were to achieve a decentralized, transparent, and privacy-preserving digital ecosystem.

The AI Genie is Out of the Bottle

With the emergence of AI and Crypto centered AI projects or the other way around, we know one thing for sure. The genie of decentralization is out of the bottle and its impact has begun to surface in various sectors.

In the past many have received biased information based on the output of a few. But through open-source models, decentralized AI systems, and the usage of AI in smart contract integration, a future of decentralized, transparent, and enhanced financial systems is here.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Invest wisely and join us in paving the way for a future where technology and humanity progress hand in hand. Start your journey into the future of AI and blockchain — invest in top AI coins now!


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