Dutch blockchain education and courses

Blockchain is becoming more and more popular with companies and is becoming more and more known to the general public. However, most people do not know exactly how this technological innovation works. The enormous potential of blockchain technology has not gone unnoticed by training providers. Most offer a one-day course, others last 3 months. Yourcryptolibrary, together with Springest, offers a handy overview of Blockchain training, courses & education in the field of Blockchain. Type “blockchain” in the block below and search for a suitable training, course and/or education. Find a course or training. In association with Springest.

Below is a detailed overview of a number of providers

VX Academy (1-day introductory training)

In this one-day training you will build up general knowledge of Blockchain technology. We discuss how the mechanisms behind Blockchain work and what properties they provide. The latest developments, the different Blockchains and when you could use them are discussed. After following this training you will understand why Blockchain will change many sectors in the near future. You will be able to weigh the usefulness of Blockchain technology in business applications and understand it at a basic level.

Lecture series Blockchain & Fintech (Nyenrode Business University)

Nyenrode Business University has developed a lecture series that is entirely devoted to decentralized distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency technology. This blockchain training consists of seven meetings, in which insight is given into how the blockchain can be applied within all kinds of strategic business processes, what challenges there are for business, but also what the major advantages and disadvantages are of an economy with digital payment units. After following this lecture series, entrepreneurs will have a good idea of ​​the possibilities for developing innovative decentralized distributed financial products.

Inholland (12-day blockchain training)

We have arrived at the next step in the industrial revolution. The new peer-to-peer economy requires data with its own identity. And this needs a new kind of service, namely blockchain. Blockchain is a new form of data collection between the consumer and the organization. This collaboration ensures that the way of thinking and the way of doing business changes. During this training, learn to understand the impact of blockchain and to translate it to your own organization. You get to know the new technology, but also the way of thinking and organizing data structures differently. Because staying behind is not an option.

Essentials of Blockchain (online blockchain training)

There are now various blockchain courses and courses in the Netherlands that can be followed online. The ROC also currently offers a blockchain course, in which you can learn the basics of blockchain technology, digital payment units, wallets and digital agreements within a short period of time. This teaching material not only discusses the benefits of virtual currencies, but also extensively discusses the possible risks. Anyone who has followed this online course knows what a decentralized distributed network is, what cryptocurrencies are and also understands why this technology can contribute to a solid and secure data distribution.