Ava Labs & Avalanche exposed?

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Ava Labs & Avalanche exposed?

CryptoLeaksInfo released an investigation report, which includes several videos of Kyle Roche, a laywer at Roche Freedman, explaining how they weaponize courts to draw the SEC & CFTC away from Ava Labs and to its competitors. 

Allegedly, the crypto law firm made a secret deal with Ava Labs to litigate AVAX competitors and in return be payed in equity in Ava Labs and a huge amount of AVAX – 1% of the AVAX supply.

Ava Labs bought out the law firm so that the law firm stages litigations and class action lawsuits against blockchain competitors such as Solana and Dfinity, as well as CEO’s Emin Gün Sirer personal enemies. Through litigation, the law firm gained insight into competitors and shared this info with Ava labs. Which gave them an advantage strategically

But this did’nt give Ava Labs an edge on their competitors, it also hurted their competitors by costing them money and resources to fight the lawsuits.


Response and reaction

Immediately, Avax CEO Emin made a statement where he didn’t really deny the videos but stated that “The allegations on this site are categorically false. Ava Labs believes in transparency and facing the world head-on, not through behind-the-scenes dealing or activity.”

The community is asking for  more clarity and a detailed statement addressed by the core team.

In a medium article, Kyle Roche posted his statement concerning the Crypto Leaks story.

“In all of my dealings with Emin Gün Sirer and the rest of the Ava Labs team, they have always acted with the highest integrity. They have never asked that I do anything underhanded, illegal or of questionable ethics, and I never would.”

Although every lawyer is obligated to represent their clients and is paid in whatever form the client can provide. They have to act within the ethics rules. 

Is Kyle Roche lying about the nature of his special arrangement with Ava Labs? 


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