2024 Guide to TIA Staking: How to Secure Top Airdrops in Celestia

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2024 Guide to TIA Staking: How to Secure Top Airdrops in Celestia

Airdrops are going to be dropping in 2024, not only in the world but also in crypto. And many airdrop hunters want to collect them all. Since the beginning of this year, TIA stakers have been rewarded with not one but four airdrops, and more may be on the horizon.

Which Airdrops for Staking Celestia are confirmed? 

The confirmed airdrops for staking Celestia include:

On top of that, a lot of speculation has been happening about a potential MANTA airdrop as well in the TIA staking community.

How to Stake Your TIA for Airdrops

For those interested in jumping on the staking bandwagon, here’s a quick guide:

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Multiple Wallets on Keplr

When we want to farm an airdrop, we can do this by creating several wallets that do the same. This will not only proliferate the numbers but also enhance our chances of getting more value for our efforts.

Keplr wallet users can manage multiple wallets using a single seed phrase. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Keplr wallet and click on the “+” icon to add a new wallet.
  2. Choose “Import Existing Account” and then “Advanced.”
  3. Enter your seed phrase and click “Next.”
Tia Staking
Keplr Multiple Wallets

Simply increase the derivation path number by one for each new wallet you wish to create.

Funding Your Keplr Wallet with $TIA

Next up is funding our Keplr wallet. This needs to be done with TIA that you bought or transferred from one of the many exchanges. You can find a full list here.

Staking on MilkyWay DApp

The next step is to start staking your TIA on one of the many Dapps. In our case we are going to look at the Milkyway DApp as it offers a liquid staking solution for Celestia’s TIA.

  1. Visit the MilkyWay DApp.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Stake your desired amount of TIA to receive milkTIA.


TIA Staking Airdrop

 MilkyWay’s airdrop is confirmed in their documentation, so that’s a fact. 

Managing Your Staked TIA in Keplr

Once you are in the process of staking your TIA, you can manage your positions in the wallet interface. 

  1. In Keplr, click on “Manage Portfolio in Keplr Dashboard”.
  2. Navigate to “chains” and select the “Celestia” chain.
  3. Stake with validators like “Stakecito”, ensuring you stake at least 5 TIA.
TIA Dashboard

Tips for Staking TIA

When staking TIA, remember to:

  • Avoid centralized validators as they may not qualify for airdrops. So buy on exchanges but withdraw your tokens.
  • To maximize airdrop eligibility, consider staking with validators outside the top 10.
  • Evaluate platforms based on rewards, validator reliability, and ease of use.
  • Remember the 21-day unbonding period for withdrawals, which affects liquidity.

Unconfirmed TIA Stakers Airdrop Opportunities

Nothing of the following are confirmed but many are next in line according to the experts and community. The speculators are keeping an eye on the following projects that may reward TIA stakers:

  • Berachain (@berachain)
  • Calderxyz (@Calderaxyz)
  • LayerN (@LayerN_Official)
  • Radius (@radius_xyz)
  • Hyperlane (@Hyperlane_xyz)

To conclude, staking TIA is full of opportunities, and could, at the start of this bull market, be very interesting and rewarding more than significantly.

TIA Private Round

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