Which Bitcoin wallets are there?

A Bitcoin wallet is a wallet where you can store and keep digital Bitcoin. Depending on your purpose, there are many different options to meet all your needs. If you want to make daily payments or transactions you can choose to install an app on your mobile device. If you want to trade Bitcoin on your PC then you can choose to open an account at a cryptocurrency exchange, here you can then store your BTC to trade quickly when the price is favorable. If the goal is to invest for the long term then it is advisable to buy or install a wallet. 

There are several varieties of wallets, online wallets, desktop wallets (software) or hardware wallets. The latter is the safest way to store your BTC for the long term since this is the so-called cold storage, which means that your crypto is stored offline. A PC can be hacked or with an online wallet you are dependent on the security of third parties. A hardware wallet is an external device that you can connect to your PC or phone, this has the key to your BTC and with the help of a wallet app you can send or receive Bitcoins. If you want to read more about the different wallet types click here.

See below several examples Bitcoin wallets:

Mobile wallets:

  • Electrum (android)
  • Green Android
  • BRD (breadwallet) (iOS)
  • Green iOS

Desktop wallet:

  • Electrum
  • Wasabi wallet
  • Bitcoin Core

Hardware wallets:

Exchange wallets:

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